Many things have been written.. and many things have been said over the last several days.  Truth is, this is the second blog I’ve sat down to write… the firstwas never published.. it was too all over the place.  Over the next days and weeks I’m sure things will still be written and posted, people will ask why and point fingers.  People will question the motives of the church and how they reacted to someone who clearly needed their help.

Tonight WYFF will air another story, one that I was interviewed for, and one that will hopefully point out the fact that Trey was a great person.. Trey was not some crazy man… not someone who was out to hurt anyone.. not someone who had multiple personalities.. Trey had some issues.. just like me, just like you.. but Trey was one of us.

I’m not going to dig into details, make suggestions or claims, state facts that may or may not be accurate or try to write a piece so touching it brings you to tears… I’m not really good at that.  KristiOlivier, Jeffrey, Amy and so many others have already written of the Trey Pennington I knew, the Trey Pennington that was an awesome person.  I am writing this piece because when I spoke to Trey on Saturday nothing about our conversation pointed to what would happen on Sunday morning.. and that scares the hell out of me.   How many other friends have been or are near the point of no return?  How many other friends feel the weight of the world on them but do a damn good job hiding it.

I’m not going to say “if only we would have known”.. it’s too late for that.  We didn’t know.  If we would have known I know full well we would have stopped it.  What is done, is done… and now we need to pick up the pieces and most importantly make sure this doesn’t happen to our community again.

Aaron von Frank, Susan Sebotnick, Amy Wood, Doug Cone, Jay Handler, Jennifer Pitts, Trish Cone, Leigh Green, Brandon Herring and many more of us are planning to walk in the Out of the Darkness – American Foundation for Suicide Prevention walk to be held in Spartanburg on October 9th.  Will you walk with us?  Let’s walk, one hundred strong, in memory of Trey..  If you can’t walk, then consider making a donation. Click here.

Tomorrow night (Wednesday Sept 7th), Jay Handler has put together a candle light memorial at Falls Park on the Liberty Bridge.  If you are in Greenville, please consider bringing a candle to the park.. Click Here.

If you need to talk… speak up.  And let’s try to be a little kinder to each other… let’s hug a  little more, go have coffee a little more, and say nice things a little more.  One of my best friends, Rich Winley, put it best…”Be kind to everyone you meet because you never know what battle they are fighting.”   That is one of the truest comments out there…


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