Bring your own wine!

For the last few months I had watched Grant Lankford check-in at Adam’s Bistro like he lived there!!  It seemed like every day he ate lunch there and even had his Metromix Twitter Talk picture shot in front of their building.  So a few weeks ago when Rich and Jil invited me to grab lunch with them at Adam’s Bistro.. I was there!  Rich was talking about how awesome their food is and the place in general.

I knew the place was in a strip mall.. and assumed they had a few good sandwiches… etc.   A few months ago Jeremy and some of our friends went to Asheville for the weekend and ate at this place that everyone raved about.. it too was in a strip mall.. and it was AWESOME!  So I tried to ignore the strip mall thing and just go with it.

When you walk in, you forget you are in a strip mall.  The decor is great, the lighting is low, the waiters and waitresses are all extreamley nice and most are nice to look at… and the menu has much more on it than I expected.  I had a meat and three and we all said the food was great.. and we’d be back.

This week I have been there twice for lunch and last night for dinner.  The coolest part is taking people that have never been and seeing how surprised they are!   Last night David said “I think my momma is in the back cooking!!”  Everything was great!!!  One thing we did notice is that EVERYONE that came in last night had a bottle or two of wine!  They do not serve wine or beer but you can bring your own with you.

So do your self a favor… grab a bottle of your favorite wine (looks like most people had stopped at Trader Joe’s on the way) and go have a great dinner!  If you see Chris or Teresa say hi! (the owners).  Teresa stopped by our table for a few minutes last night…  she is just as nice as the place is!  Also make sure you check-in.  I’m targeting that Mayorship!

One more thing.. I made the comment last night that the ultimate compliment from me is taking food home.  I don’t do leftovers.  Well… rarely do I eat leftovers from a restaurant.  Last night I would have taken my food home.. but I ate every last bite of it there.


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