One month in Brazil… maybe…

A few of you know that last month both Jeremy and I applied for a Rotary Group Study Exchange trip to Brazil.  We filled out our applications… completed the interviews… and at least one of us is going… hopefully both of us.

Jeremy, along with two other friends, Bernie and Cindy and one additional person were chosen to go on the GSE!  It’s a one month study exchange to the most southern state in Brazil.  I was chosen as an alternate, along with one other person, which means we go through the same training and based on past GSE’s, there is a decent chance at least one of us will end up on the trip!

Last night was our first group meeting.. the six of us, plus a Rotarian Team Leader, and alternate Team Leader and the GSE head.  We discussed our schedules over the next four months, filled just about every weekend with language classes, retreats in Hilton Head, Clemson, Greensboro… and regular trips to Greenwood.  We shared pictures and stories about each other and everyone seems to click well.  It will certainly be an exciting next few months.

So.. if you see me posting in Portuguese, you know why. If you see a VERY excited post that just says BRAZIL.. you will know why… and if you know Portuguese.. HELP!


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