Thankful – Day 1 – Friends

I’m going to try something new… in addition to my normal blogs.. I’m going to blog as frequently as I can about something I am thankful for that day.  (and it will only be emailed, so subscribe).

Today…. and everyday… it’s my friends… both new and old.

Last night I threw a sort of last minute New Year’s Eve Party… I honestly didn’t think very many people would show up… and I was wrong….  very wrong!  A lot of people came.. but most importantly… some of the closest people to me came.  That means this year I was able to ring in the New Year with Dejan, TJ, Jil, Courtney, David, Mark, TJ, Tiffany, Anita… and many others!! I think about 20 people ended up showing up.. but the fun didn’t stop at midnight!  Today I had a blast hanging out with with friends and tonight was my much anticipated weekly movie night.  So… thank you friends.. all of you… even if you aren’t specificially named… for making this an AWESOME New Year’s Day!  Hopefully this can become a tradition!


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