Medical Records, Insurance, Dogs, & Surgery

Do you know how ridiculous it is that when I friend asked me yesterday what heart medicine I had been prescribed a few years ago I couldn’t tell him.. couldn’t tell him my exact diagnosis or anything.  Yet if you want to know anything about Domino or Graycie’s medical history I can tell you everything.  I can tell you that 2/4/2009 his chloride level was 122.000mmol/L… just a hair above normal.  I can tell you that almost exactly two years ago today he just about died on me because of a Greenie getting lodged in his intestines… all of his records are just a click away for me.

Another thing… it was easier for me to get health insurance on my dog than it is for me.  Both Domino and Graycie have had insurance since the day they I got them. No pre-existing conditions.. no questions asked… AND THEY CHASE CARS AND EAT DIRT!? Just in the last three years the insurance has saved me $3,510.73 on Domino alone.  Their insurance covers almost everything.. dental cleanings (which is considered surgery for dogs), vacines, blood screenings, some medicines.. and everything not completely covered is discounted. Last Thursday Domino & Graycie had their annual teeth cleaning.  The cost for Domino, without insurance, would have been $639.10.  The cost to me… $74.31.  Typically it would have been free but this time they found a bump, about the size of a pea, on his hind leg.  Both dogs have had fatty tumors before but this one is different so his doctor took a sample to see if she could figure out what it was.  After looking she decided she wasn’t 100% sure either way and that another sample should be taken and sent off… thus the $74.31.

Today the results came back.  You guessed it…. Domino needs surgery…. Friday.  The good news is insurance will cover most of the expense…. the bad news.. he’s getting old… and I don’t like it.  So on Friday I will drop him off to have this little hard tumor which is attached removed.  Hopefully it will be a fairly easy surgery but I don’t like that it is attached to a muscle or bone.  I’m just glad I was with a friend that worked at a veterinarian clinic for years and was able to give me his “professional opinion” when I receive the call today….

for what it’s worth.. there is something wrong with our country when my dog get’s better healthcare than i do.


2 thoughts on “Medical Records, Insurance, Dogs, & Surgery

  1. #1. Something is wrong that I JUST NOW found your blog. Going back and reading all back issues… There may be more comments. #2. Insurance for pets- Interesting. We’ve been considering getting insurance for Charlie von Cat… What insurer did you go through? There are a few options out there, but I just don’t know which one is going to be best; AND if it will actually cover her if we need get a procedure done. Which is the whole point of insurance, right? #3. Insurance for me (& Aaron)? Don’t get me started…

    1. Yeah.. what is wrong with you!? I use Banfield (they are normally located inside of PetSmart locations). I originally used them because we were traveling to Charleston a lot with the dogs and with Banfield I can go into any vet and they are all link electronically with records, etc. The insurance is awesome and covers pretty office visits, vaccines, dental cleanings and huge discounts on other things.

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