a weekend without facebook

Can I do it?  We will see!! Last night at dinner with a few friends we playing a game TJ had been talking about.  You take your phones and sit them in the center of the table… the first person to pick up their phone pays the bill for everyone.  Those were 45 LONG minutes.  In the end it was a draw.  Ale House comped our food so I pay for my sweet tea & dessert, TJ paid for his beer and everyone else was free. (Like good people, we tipped the value of our meal, if you’ve worked in food service you wouldn’t understand..  but your waiter or waitress is getting paid something like $2 and hour to deal with your grumpy group… tip him or her). Anyway… Those 45 minutes were hell.  I couldn’t see what anyone was doing, who was checking in where, who was making snide comments on my wall, etc.  I truly am addicted… and I realized it.  As soon as I had my phone in my hand I checked for text messages, checked email and then went to facebook.  I looked at my wall, my feed and then typed “signing off of facebook for the weekend, buhbye” or something like that.  I showed everyone at the table, they all said “no way”, “won’t happen” or laughed.. and I hit send.

I was EXHAUSTED last night.. Dejan has kicked my ass at the gym the last two days so as soon as I got home I went straight to bed.  It was midnight so I didn’t really worry about facebook…. this morning, what’s the first thing I did?  clicked that little facebook icon on my phone.  Thankfully I signed out on my phone so it didn’t load.  Within the first 10 minutes of being awake I know I hit that icon 5 times, just out of habit.  I would have hit it more but I started typing this blog instead.

So… wish me luck.  48 hours without facebook.  It’s going to be my own little hell!



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