Presidential Religion

To the corruptions of Christianity I am indeed opposed
-Thomas Jefferson 


Out of the 44 Presidents of the United States, 6 have had no denomination affiliation.  Seeing how the United States is NOT a theology I’m not sure why it matters.  It is no more fair for a Quaker to force his or her religion on a Congregationalist than it is for a Baptist to force his or her religion on a Catholic.  We vote for President, not Preacher. 

Either way.. I thought I would break it down for you…

4 Presidents have identified as Baptist, 2 as Congregationalist, 3 as Disciples of Christ, 2 as Dutch Reformed, 12 as Episcopalian, 4 as Methodist, 8 as Presbyterian, 2 as Quaker, 1 as Catholic, 4 as Unitarian and 1 as Church of Christ.  Those numbers do not add up to 44; some identified as two religions or changed… and 6 have no denomination affiliation.  

Thomas Jefferson had no denomination, nor did Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Ulysses S Grant of Rutherford B Hayes.  I doubt anyone would say these five men were bad Presidents.  In fact, there would never had been a United States of America without Jefferson and there wouldn’t be a United States of America today if it were not for Lincoln.  The sixth President with no denomination listed?  Barack Obama. 

I’m not going to argue about whether President Obama is or isn’t a Christian.  A) It shouldn’t matter.  B) How do you prove that!?  He says he is, and according to the Bible I grew up reading, it’s not my place to judge.. and unless you are God, it’s not your place either.  Last I checked, neither Franklin Graham, Rick Santorum, or Newt Gingrich were God.  


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