Charleston Bridge Run


What a weekend!! If you run at all and have never experience the Charleston Bridge Run… DO IT!  Even if you don’t run, I’d suggest walking it…

This weekend was full of first for me… full of RUNNING… full of people… full of HOURS awake… and full of alcohol.   Friday night we went downtown, picked up our numbers and met up with a friend for dinner and a bit of shopping.  Afterwards we rode out to Folly Beach and down to the Morris Island Lighthouse (I love that place!).

Saturday morning it was get up at the crack of dawn day!  We woke up at 4:30a (which considering I slept MAYBE an hour the night before I was NOT happy Saturday).  We rode over to Mt Pleasant, stopped at Dunkin Donuts which was PACKED and then we out to our corral… and then we waited… and waited.. and waited.. According to todays paper the race started an hour late because there was some bus confusion and the bridge was not clear in time.  So finally at 9:40ish we got started… with a few slow downs for pictures (yes Dejan wanted to take pictures along the way… some of which are awesome), otherwise we made amazing time.  My goal was under 1 hour 30 min.  Even with stopping over and over again Dejan and I finished with the EXACT SAME time… 1 hour, 10 minutes and 42 seconds.  After the race we stat in the park for a few minutes, eating bananas and other freebies and then looked for the others.. Lesson 1: ALWAYS keep cash on you.  We didnt have our wallet and could find water NO WHERE.  The side we were on ran out of water and it was too far to walk to find the next area.  We were at Starbucks but no money = no drink.  After that we went to a friends for a bit.. then to Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ to grab some food… then to the motel for naps… (again, I didnt nap.. I watched a movie!)  Lesson 2: Bring your Ambien.  I was EXHAUSTED but couldn’t seep… after the others woke up and showered we rode over to Sullivan’s Island and checked out the lighthouse then to Isle of Palms (IOP) to have food and drinks.. and drinks… and drinks… and drinks.  Incase we didnt have enough drinks we then hit up a house party on the Isle which featured… drinks (and a swimming pool that changed colors).  Then we wrapped it all up at the motel and now I’m home.

Aside from the 2 lessons above.. here are some others…

Book your hotel EARLY.  Book your hotel either in downtown (where the race ends) or on Mt Pleasant (where you will start from).  Take a baby asprin before the run.  Run with someone who keeps your pace.  Even though we knew other people there, Dejan and I stayed together the entire time.  TJ ended up ahead of us by about 6 minutes and Todd blew us out by about 15 minutes.  Had Dejan not kept me going the first 4 miles and had I not kept him going the last 2 our times would be worse.  Wear good running shoes!  Dress comfortably.. you’ll be stuck in a crowd for a long time! Bring a Camelback if you have one… and finally.. going with people you enjoy being around, that will make all the difference.

I can’t wait for next year!


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