You’re Invited!

You all know how I am when it comes to fundraising for causes I believe in or that are really close to me.  Last year I a goal of $1,000 for The Julie Valentine Center (formerly Greenville Rape Crisis and Child Abuse Center), and thanks to my friends, many of you, I raised over $2,000!

This year I am on the run2overcome committee at JVC and we’ve just opened the site for public registrations. This year my fundraising goal is $3,000, but with a little twist.  In addition to being the top fundraiser again, I’d like to also have the largest team.  That’s where your invitation comes in.  I’m not inviting you to run or walk, I’m inviting you to a roof party at my condo.

Everyone always wants me to throw a roof party.. and when I do I always forget to invite someone… well… this time you can invite yourself.  All you have to do is sign up to do the 5k or 10k.  The run isn’t for months so you have time to train.. and I’m telling you now because I know a secret.  If you register NOW on the site you can do the 5k for just $15 and the 10k for just $20. So go do it NOW! It’s easy, just follow this link:  Once you are signed up I will give you details on the party.  It will ask you to set a fundraising goal amount, I would suggest $100… but you can do whatever you wish… furthermore, once I have a group signed up I will set up a tour of the facility with everyone so you can learn where your money is going and what you are supporting.. it is a VERY worthwhile cause!

So, please go sign up, the team name is Running With Friends.  If you know for sure you can’t, or do not want to run, please consider making a contribution.. $50 would be nice, but give whatever you can give!


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