The Tale of Two Restaurants

Over the last week I have had the chance to eat at two new restaurants (one is a sit down restaurant and the other is a burger joint) in the Greenville area and the experiences couldn’t have been further apart.

The first place was Fords Oyster House on Main Street.  Located in the old Ford showroom at Falls Park, this restaurant has arguably one of the best locations in town.  Literally located in the heart of downtown, you are on the same block as The Liberty Bridge, Michelin on Main, Rick Erwins, Spill the Beans and so much more.  The location has an outdoor sitting area (which we sat in) as well as large indoor seating and a full bar area.  Originally we were going to Chicora Alley but the wait was too long, at Fords we were seated almost immediately… and from that point on it was very obvious how things would go.  We sat for a while without anyone acknowledging us.  Once our drink order was finally taken it took several minutes before anyone returned with the drinks. Finally, after sitting for probably 15 to 20 minutes, we were able to place our order.  We sat talking, enjoying the weather and the view.. just not enjoying our food.  At one point one of us commented that we had been there at least an hour with no food.  Then finally the food was delivered.  Two of us had the pork chop (Thanks Ben for the correction) and Louie had the salmon.  He cleaned his plate, with no complaints.  I however was surprised that my pork chop just seems a little under cooked.  At first I didnt say anything but then our other friend mentioned his was under cooked… and under cooked it was.  His pork chop was essentially still raw and VERY pink on the inside.  Once we were finally able to grab our waiter he replaced our friends and offered me dessert being at that point I was not going to eat anymore.  We ordered the bread pudding, which was not the best either.

So my first Ford’s experience was 1 Star at best.  The service sucked and so did the food (at least mine). Next time I will try something different and I’ll be sure to get the pecan pie.  At some point in the experience the couple at the table beside of us struck up a conversation about the experience.  Their experience was no where near as bad as ours, and they opted for the pecan pie and said it was awesome.

Next up is Five Guys in Cherrydale… I know, I know… strange huh?  The thing that stood out to me about this Five Guys is that the owner is ALWAYS working.. she is very nice and very hands on.  It’s obvious she is there a lot too.  They great you with a “Welcome!” as soon as you come in, almost like a Moe’s style welcome.. and they wish you a happy day as you walk out the door.  Five Guys might not be a place that you go out of your way to visit, but if you are in Cherrydale and looking for a burger… hit up Five Guys!


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