I don’t understand…

A few of you know about this… but only a few of you.  I’m almost scared to even blog about it but it’s driving me crazy… not really in a bad way… just in a confused what do I make of it sort of way.

Last year we lost one of my friends, one of our friends.  The day before we lost him he and I had a twitter interaction.  I had posted “I’m hot” from a friends Jeep to which he replied with something funny and smart.  The problem was he did it from a business account, not his own personal account.  He then followed up with “Shoot. Sent that last tweet from the wrong account! Rushing to delete!”.. I replied with yeah I hate it when that happens… he followed up with “No kidding! I do so try to be careful, but I do also mess up from time to time.”… I followed up with asking how he was and he followed up with “Hanging in there. Looking for the drop in temps tomorrow. Should be a welcome respite.”  You know how the next day went….

Here’s the strange thing… a few weeks or a month or so later I received a tweet from an account I do not follow… it was “Shoot. Sent that last tweet from the wrong account! Rushing to delete!”.  AS SOON as I saw this my heart dropped.  Ironically it was sent right when I was going through something rough… a few weeks later it happened again.. and again.  Every time I would grit my teeth and ignore it.  Each time it is sent from an account that is brand new, following no one but me and that has never tweeted.  Then, a few weeks ago a situation I was going through started to get to me… long story short.. a friend made the comment to me “keep in mind I’m human and I do mess up from time to time”.  Well… you guessed it… as soon as I looked down at my phone I had a tweet “”No kidding! I do so try to be careful, but I do also mess up from time to time.”.  Up until then I had tried to write the tweets off as some strange twitter bot thing…. That night I told my friend and a few other people about it…

It keeps happening… it just happened this morning which sparked this email.

There a few things that make no sense to me.  A: It tends to happen when I could use a sign… B: When you are mentioned on Twitter you get an email notification… I never get email notifications from these accounts.  C:  They are only following me.. and never try to sell me anything… why would someone have a bot doing that?  It makes zero sense.  D: They always have a different picture but the exact same profile as my friend, minus a letter of misspelling.. it is never identical, always missing one thing.

A friend asked if someone might be trying to mess with me.  I don’t think so, who would go through all of that trouble to randomly do that.. and how would they have known that night that the tweet was almost verbatim what my friend had said to me? It just doesn’t make any sense at all…  Why has it happened for months?  At random times… when I’m sleeping, when I was in the gym, when I was in Charleston, this morning getting my hair cut?  Randomness..

So what should I make of it?  I don’t get it.  A twitter fluke? A strange bot?  Or a larger sign from the universe?  It’s all just strange!  Hell, maybe blogging about it will make it stop!?  Is this happening to any other mutual friends?


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