Be careful who you hate…

I first discovered one of my favorite quotes while driving from Charlotte to Greenville a number of years ago.  It was on a billboard between Pelham Road and I-385.  It simply said “Be careful who you hate, it could be someone you love.”  It was  PFLAG billboard.

My home state just passed Amendment One which defines marriage as between one man and one women but also says the state will not honor any other civil unions.  This amendment was clearly aimed at same sex marriages, but is it also takes away the rights of others.  It strips healthcare from children who need it, it renders restraining orders useless for women who need them, and it tells a who group of citizen that they are second class citizens.

This is not the first time North Carolina has done this.  The first time was to make interracial marriage illegal in the state.  Just like that law, this law too will be reversed, of that I am sure.  See the United States of America was founded by people who knew that the majority would take rights away from minorities and it has built in protections (the courts) to make sure that doesn’t happen.  The Constitution protects minorities from the tyranny of the majority. Unfortunately the wheels of justice move a little slow in our country, but they do move.  I also know my God is compassionate and preached love and mercy… my God will make sure this is will be undone.

The fact that the Amendment passed saddens me.. but it wasn’t totally unexpected.  PPP had said for weeks they expected it to pass and regardless of how hard several of my gay and straight friends tried, I knew this Amendment played right into the hands of a party that caters to fear and hate rather than love and hope and given that their party held a primary today, of course a majority of voters would be on their side.

What I didn’t expect were comments from a few family members, some of which I used to be close to, that basically said I should have no rights as a human and I’m going to hell because I’m gay. (They might not even know I’m gay, I could care less if they do or not.)  The problem with words is they can’t be taken back.. they can’t be forgotten… especially when they are truly how you feel.

I live in South Carolina so this Amendment really doesn’t effect me.  What does effect me is the fact that I know how some of my family members and friends truly feel.  And that sucks.. and that hurts.

So.. “Be careful who you hate.. it could be someone you love.”

PS.  I realize I’m pissed off and tired… this post might get cleaned up tomorrow… maybe…


2 thoughts on “Be careful who you hate…

  1. We lived in Charlotte at that time, my friend made light of it, as he always does when he is really upset, with a statement that was kinda funny. “Most people think that Marriage is a wonderful Institution, but as for myself I have never wanted to be in an Institution!!!” However, we know this hurt him, along with a few other friends. It is cruel and I feel against our country of supposed equality of rights. Keep writing, eventually it has to change.

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