Where are you?

Do you live in the purple highlighted area above? If so, there is a very important election in your area next Tuesday, June 12th. The best candidate needs your support, both financial support as well as support at the polls! Lillian Flemming is locked in a tight race to become the next Senator representing the citizens of SC Senate 7!

A Greenville native, Lillian graduated from Sterling High School, graduated from Furman University with a bachelor’s and master’s of education and taught at Southside High School for 23 years. Elected to City Council in 1980, she has served as Mayor Pro Tem and is currently Vice-Mayor Pro Temp of Greenville City Council.

The list her accomplishments goes on and on… but I’m not supporting her because of any of that. I am supporting Lillian Flemming for Senate because I know she is the best candidate. Lillian is one of the nicest, most down to earth, honest and sincere people you will ever meet. When I stepped into Greenville politics, Lillian was one of the first elected officials to welcome me. In the years since, Lillian has always been someone I could ask questions of, share my opinions with, and go to with any concerns in the City. Everyone loves downtown Greenville and everyone loves just how beautiful Greenville has become; let’s thank Lillian for serving on City Council and making tough decisions that put Greenville where it is today.

Too often once people are elected they have a “better than you” attitude and become disconnected and out of touch with voters. Lillian has never been that way! Lillian always goes out of her way to say hey to everyone, listen to everyone’s opinion and make sure everyone gets fair and equal treatment.  You can pick up the phone now and call Lillian, and she will answer or call you back within a day.  That is just the type of public servant she is!

Join me in supporting Lillian Flemming for SC Senate 7 on Tuesday, June 12th. Beyond that, please consider making a contribution to Lillian online at www.LillianFlemming.com/donate/ As with most local races, just a small contribution can go along way – $10, $20 or whatever you can give – would be greatly appreciated.




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