MetroBurger – A Review

Anyone who knows me, knows two things about me;  I like eat out too much & I LOVE a good hamburger!  So imagine my excitement when I noticed the new MetroBurger on Woodruff Road in the same location as the Jack in the Box that closed a few months ago.

Yesterday Louie and I decided to try it out for dinner.  The first thing I try to figure out about a burger joint is if their burgers are hand pattied and based on the pictures at, they certain appear to be.  The first thing we noticed upon our arrival was the old Jack in the Box signs that are now just shells around the building.  Louie noted those should be removed or fixed.  Once we opened the door I think we were both sort of surprised.  Neither one of us was expecting a Wendy’s type fast food restaurant, but that’s exactly how it looked, just without booths.  Just some tables and chairs sat around.  No TV’s or radio.  Just a few tables.

We walked up to the counter to order and it was very clear at that point that the employees are minimum wage earners.  No one seems happy to be there.  Everyone had a subpar appearance and the person taking the order seemed less than interested in listening to us, more in a hurry to get us out of her way.  One of the things I like about Five Guys, especially Cherrydale, is they seem happy to be working there.. they seem to enjoy their job; these employees clearly hated it. We had to repeat our order twice because she didn’t get it right the first time and she even seemed surprised we wanted two drinks? Another thing you notice is all of the hanging wires behind her from where the Jack in the Box food windows have been removed.  She gave us our cups, which are unbranded and we went on our way.  Instantly we noticed the most surprising thing of all… the dining area… it was filthy.  The floors were greasy and there was food everywhere.  The trash boxes were full and the tables were uncleaned and nasty as well.  The couple that sat down behind us were complaining about how nasty it was as well.  I think everyone eating there seems surprised.

Once our food was ready we dug in.  I ordered The John Doe (pictured) and Louie ordered a burger and we split the Sweet Potato fries.  My burger was smoking hot, Louie’s was cold.  Both of our burgers were on old bread, by old I mean not fresh.  Fresh bread does not crumble and taste stale.  The Sweet Potato fries however, were pretty good.  We quickly ate and then got out of there.  Once I checked in everyone was asking about the place.. well.. here’s your answer.

I can’t say I would recommend it.  I think most places deserve a second chance but it would be hard to imagine MetroBurger improving to the point I would go back anytime soon.  I do know MetroBurger’s are francise locations, so I likely would try a different location.. but this location is no better than a Wendy’s and more expense than a Five Guys.  While it looks cool on the outside, I think it will soon suffer the same fate as the previous Jack in the Box.. and be closed.

2 Stars. (They only get the second star because it was a handpattied burger.)


2 thoughts on “MetroBurger – A Review

  1. Aww, bummer. I love a good burger, too, and was looking forward to trying out MetroBurger when I got a coupon for their Woodruff store in the mail. Maybe I’ll just stick with Five Guys on Pelham instead.

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