Romney / Ryan 2012?

Paul Ryan… US House Member… from Wisconsin… a House Member that has went after President Obama at every chance and a someone who was clearly going after the VP spot or a shot at Speaker next term.  Can’t really say you didn’t see this coming.

Paul Ryan is a bad pick for Romney.  He will charge the base, but… they are called the base for a reason.. they were already going to vote for him!  Ryan will get Romney no extra votes… and considering he’s down significantly even in the FOX News poll.. Romney needs extra votes.

This is a win/win for Ryan.  If they win… he’s VP… if they don’t, he’s in the perfect position to run for Speaker of the House or President in 2016.  For Romney it means a fundraising boost and a boost in the polls.  Don’t let that get you too excited.  He could have named Donald Trump and received a fundraising and poll bump.  It’s too far out for polls to matter… A LOT can happen between now and November.

Now Obama has someone else to go after though… he can attack Ryan for being a career politician, even at his young age he’s been in politics for 20+ years.  He has no business career… and made a name for himself essentially trying to dismantle the government.  The Ryan budget made Democrats scream! Paul Ryan himself received social security when his dad died but tried to dismantle the program in his Budget.  He has a voting record he will try to run from too, which includes things such as voting AGAINST equal payment for women… AGAINST LGBT issues… AGAINST education… and the list goes on and on…

Here’s a quick run down of his ratings:

13% by ACLU
0% by HRC
36% by NAACP
14% by UFCW
30% by CURE
8% by NEA
0% by CAF
13% by HSLF
10% by LCV
11% by APHA
22% by SANE
10% by ARA
0% by CTJ …  here’s a hint…  the highest number on here is a 36% by the NAACP… a voting block Romney won’t get.

You might know what half of those acronyms mean… but the people that are part of those groups do.. and those are horrible numbers.

Here are some specifics:

Ryan voted AGAINST allowing gays to adopt in DC, NO on enforcing anti-gay hate crimes, and YES on banning same-sex marriage.  He is fiercely pro-life, against any government funding healthcare except his own, he is FOR privatizing social security, FOR school vouchers, AGAINST green energy, YES for building a border fence, NO on campaign finance reform, YES on the patriot act, YES on warrantless wiretaps, he voted FOR the war in Iraq, AGAINST a Libyan war, NO on ending the war in Afghanistan and YES on decreasing gun restrictions in the US.

All Ryan does is energize the base a bit on both sides.  Democrats can’t stand him and Republican’s love him… which… they hate Romney so that is a bit of a boost for him.  Either way, the Republican’s that think Romney is too liberal were never going to vote for Obama anyway..

My prediction…. It’s been 80 years since a House Member became Vice President… it will be at least 4 more… Ryan v. Clinton in 2016… maybe… but not until Obama serves 4 more years.


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