I’m surrounded by idiots.

Yeah, you read that right. I said I’m surrounded by idiots. Everywhere! In the grocery store, in the gym, at work, online. Everywhere!

I’m not saying you are ALL idiots. Just most of you! I’m sure you will all read this and think “he’s not talking about me”. Maybe you are right, maybe not.

What am I talking about? Everything! But I’m going to focus on politics for the moment.

Every time I log into Facebook here lately, which if you know me, that’s pretty much constantly. I always see people liking pictures or reposting political crap. Just straight up crap. And it’s driving me crazy.

NEWSFLASH: Ryan is not the devil. Nor is Obama. Neither one of them want to take Medicare away.  They both want to FIX the problem, they just disagree with how to best go about it. BOTH plans cut Medicare by more than $700Billion. Guess what. It needs to be cut!

Ryan is also not the savoir of the Republican Party. Conservatives act like he’s the best thing since Ronald Reagan. Well I guess they do have a few things in common. The only two Bills Ryan has passed in the Congress is a Bill to rename a post office and a Bill to raise taxes on bow & arrows.  So they both have renamed a post office (or have a post office named for them) and they have both raised taxes.

Ryan is also not the devil Democrats think he is. In fact he is married to a long time Democrat and he voted to outlaw job discrimination based on sexual orientation. Ryan’s budget? It also wasn’t a train wreck, in fact he was trying to do something the government needs to do, slow the spending. It is unfair for Democrats to attack his budget without proposing one. “Yeah your idea sucks! So let’s just keep borrowing from China so we can pay off the interest on the debt we owe to… oh, yeah, China.”

Obama isn’t a Muslim. He was born in the US. He is a patriotic American. If you do not believe any of those three things, you are one of those idiots I’m talking about.

Voter ID is not racist. You need a photo ID to do anything in this country; fly in a plane, drive a car, get medicine, go to a strip club, go out drinking at any club in the country, buy cigarettes, use a credit card, etc. Yeah there may be a few Republicans that think voter id will cause Obama to lose votes, guess what, THEY ARE IDIOTS TOO! How we made it this far without require voters to show ID I have no clue.  Here’s an idea, implement voter ID and allow us to early vote!

By November I’ll be down to just a handful of friends still visible on Facebook. I have started hiding you fringe people from my feed, left and right fringe. I do not mind a good debate, but spreading total falsehoods are not helping this country at all, in fact, that’s a huge part of the problem. You might not realize it but you are all buying in to exactly what they want you to buy in to. You are ignoring the real issues when you spread the stupid crap about Romney, Ryan, Obama, & Biden.

Democrats love this country, Republicans love this country, and believe it or not so do Independents. Start focusing on issues, start paying attention to voting records, start listening to actual facts. Don’t simply support Romney/Ryan or Obama/Biden because you belong to one party or the other. And in November do not simply vote straight ticket. That is stupid!

Okay, off my soapbox for the moment. Just do me a favor. Stop being so stupid!


5 thoughts on “I’m surrounded by idiots.

  1. Very well said, for the most part. There is one issue on which I am apparently an idiot, though, and have no plans to change that “idiocy” – and that is the _unconstitutional_ voter id acts passed or being passed in many states. Want to know why? Just scroll through this search to see only a _few_ of the reasons – https://plus.google.com/u/0/s/voter%20id%20laws – and most of those don’t even get into the effects the laws as written in, for example, Georgia, have on volunteers attempting to get people registered to vote (let’s put it this way – facing prison time – yes, really – because you are 100% responsible for every single thing on every voter you help to register plus a lot of other things that do nothing to help legitimate voting but a lot to hinder it kind of puts a damper on people wanting to help out). There are literally thousands of legitimate, registered voters in multiple states who will be unable to vote because of these laws in the next election (many of them documented in the above search). What’s the difference between drinking in a club, flying on a plane, driving a car, using a credit card, and voting? Only *1* of those things is a fundamental *right* (not privilege – RIGHT) of American citizens, and an underlying principle of the very idea of democracy. And oh yes, if you look at the actual records of the amount of voter fraud before such laws are put into effect, they just happen to be so low as to be essentially nonexistent – state sponsored studies in both Florida and Pennsylvania both showed this *before* their respective voter ID laws were voted into place, meaning the legislatures of both states *knew* they were restricting legitimate voters’ *RIGHT* to vote and not doing a damn thing about any _actual_ problem.

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