How far we’ve come…

23,000. Think about that number for a second. Now imagine 23,000 Americans were killed, wounded or went missing today alone.  Not by Al Qaeda. Not by the Russians. Not by the British. 23,000 Americans killed by other Americans.  That’s more than were killed in the entire Revolutionary War, War of 1812, & Mexican-American war combined! That’s more than Pearl Harbor or D-Day. Now imagine it happened just outside of Washington DC. 

150 years ago today, Sept 17th, 1862 was American’s bloodiest day. More than 23,000 casualties were the overall total from Antietam. Had the South been victorious, England and France were prepared to acknowledge the Confederacy as a sovereign country. Had the North won, the war might well have ended. Instead, 23,000 casualties resulted in something of a draw, at least militarily. The South had attempted to strike the North but failed. The North, under McClellan could have devastated the South by following them back into Virginia but a truce was called allowing the Southerners to escape. The result: President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation less than a week later and the South become more determined than ever to break away.

23,000. In one day. They were fighting for causes they believed in. Northerners fighting to keep the Union together. Southerners fighting for what they felt was their freedom.

What would they think of our America today. A country where half Americans don’t even bother voting. A country ran by a two party system, both just as corrupt in their own ways as the other. A country where we let others do the thinking for us. A country where civil rights are still denied to some and respect is fleeting. Respect for ourselves, our elders, our President, our families. A country that is so far in debt most Americans cannot comprehend the number. Currently $16,059,902,393,875.17 but dont worry, you only own about $51,224.83 of that. On average that number goes up about $3.88 billion per day.

Do you think they would be proud? Would they think it was worth it? Would they know America cannot continue down this path. Would they see the truth that we are too blind to see?  That if something doesn’t change quick, the Union that the North was fighting for will not last.

Ironically Sept 17, 1787 is the day 39 brave men changed the course of history by signing the US Constitution. Do you think they would be proud?

I’m not sure exactly what each group would think, but I doubt they would be proud of what we’ve become.



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