Oh the outrage!! Really??

As our problems in this Country have gotten bigger… our focus and attention span as a Nation has gotten smaller.  The current US National Debt as of this writing is $16,439,839,454,190.27, last year an estimated 1.6 million children were homeless in the US, and since 1999 the US has experienced 49 school shootings, 5 in 2013 alone. So which of these stories is our national mainstream media all over?  The debt? of course not… homelessness in American, HA!… the school shootings?  kind of.. it makes for good ratings… but what’s the big story right now? The big story everyone is concerned about is… Beyonce… and how she lip synced the National Anthem.

Seriously!? Of all the news around us, the things we need to be focused on in America, CNN choices to go into Breaking News mode because Beyonce lip synced.

Newsflash people… remember Whitney Houston’s stirring rendition of The National Anthem in Houston back in ’91?  Yeah, that was lip synced… actually, even worse, Whitney choose to change the anthem to ensure a better performance.  You see, the anthem is on 3/4 meter which was a little to quick in her opinion, she wanted people to really her the meaning (and give her a little extra time to hit those high notes) so she changed the anthem to 4/4 meter. Guess what, Whitney Houston’s, prerecorded, lip synced version of our beloved anthem became a Billboard hit… reaching into the top 20.

Perspective people… who cares if it was lip synced… it was a good version, a version that she sung live the night before.  If people were as outraged about something that actually matter in this country instead of Lady Gaga’s feud with Kelly Osbourne, or if Beyonce choose not to strain her vocal cords in the brutal cold temps of Washington DC, then maybe we could fix a real problem… No?

Just my two cents.



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