Tomorrow is a new week…

A friend I haven’t seen in some time complained to me yesterday that I hadn’t blogged in a while… and that I had kind of started flying under the radar from time-to-time…   Well that might be true, and maybe a little intentional… but I guess I do have a little “For What It’s Worth” today…

The last two weeks have been hell.. they have sucked and need not be repeated.  This blog isn’t about that hell…it’s about how for every evil person and horrible action I’ve seen these last two weeks, I’ve seen more good people than bad… more “helpers” than hurters… more lovers than haters.

As I sat and listened to Nation talk yesterday, I was struck at how strong he is.. how even while going through was has to no doubt be the single worst week in his life, he was still able to make those of us crying laugh, if not but for a second… and that while crying himself he thanked every single person in the room. It was said yesterday that dark cannot over come light, that evil cannot overcome good and love cannot overcome hate.  I have been amazed at how perfect strangers have mobilized to help someone they do not know.. and I have been humbled by the text messages and phone calls I’ve received in the last few days, mostly yesterday, that almost universally said “I know this week has been rough on you, are you ok?”, some from friends I rarely talk to and would have never thought they even knew anything about my week.

Even now, as I right this, another friend just sent me a text asking how I’m doing… I am okay.. and that is thanks to friends who show up when I need them, even when I don’t ask. Friends don’t just say they care, but are willing to go out of their way to prove it.. and I’m hopefully that the old adage that “You become who you surround yourself with” is true as it pertains to the strength, wisdom, and kindness I’ve seen recently.

So this blog is just a little reminder for everyone that reads it.. that it takes just a second to be kind to others… just a little effort to help others.. and just a little action to make sure the light is never taken over by the dark.. that kindness always prevails and that love always wins.

Tomorrow starts a new week.. and it’s another chance for us all to get it right… lets all be a little kinder to everyone, but especially our friends and family… and as Jamie would say “everyone you are connected to is your family.”




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