too nice

I have been told I am “too nice” a few times recently.  So here is my question, is that even possible?  Really?

Do people ever say “oh, I can’t date or marry him… he’s too nice”, or “I shouldn’t hire him, he’s too nice”, or “I can’t be his friend, he really is just too nice” …. Is being nice really that bad?

and is there no middle ground?

I know several people who would say I am not “too nice” at all… they would say I shut people out of my life easily… that I replace people quickly and that I am a jerk.  All of which can be true too an extent.  Recently more people have said “you’re too nice” a lot though… that I forgive too easily.. that I let people off the hook too easy… that I am a push over… and I guess those are all true too an extent too.

I just try to treat people the way I want to be treated… As cliche as it sounds, I try to remember that “everyone is fighting a battle” and “hurt people, hurt people”.  I try to not get mad as quickly as I used to.. and hope that if I am kind to others, they will in turn, be kind to me… or others.

So.. back to my original question… is it possible to be too nice? or is that an oxymoron?


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