This Too Shall Pass

For years I had a magnet on my refrigerator that read “This Too Shall Pass”.  It was a simple black square with those simple words. I remember buying the magnet because that quote was drilled into my head by my great-grandmother as a kid.  In her 90’s, she moved in with us while I was in middle school and we shared a room.  (a very small room).  Those four words were a common refrain from her, about everything.  The most vivid memory of her using those words was one summer evening while sitting in the living room.  My great-aunt had been struck by lighting twice in her lifetime (I know, right!?) and thus my great-grandmother was terrified by storms.  She hated being alone during storms and I still remember she would always sit very still, want EVERYTHING in the house off and just stare straight ahead.  This storm was particularly bad.  We were under a tornado warning and it was storming so hard.  I remember sitting in the floor by her chair as she kept saying “This Too Shall Pass”, “This Too Shall Pass”.  I’ll admit at the time it annoyed me, I never understood why she said that about everything…. EVERYTHING.

That magnet was lost during a move… and I have been unable to find one to replace it… but more and more I am taken back to that quote my grandmother loved so much.

This too shall pass — it applies to everything.  The good, the bad, and the ugly. It all changes… and as someone that hates change… I hate it.

Regardless, I am trying to remind myself daily that “This too shall pass”.  When things are going bad, I try to remind myself that it is only temporary and it will get better.  When things are going great, I also remember that things can change in the blink of an eye… friends that are here today can be gone tomorrow… and closing scheduled for this week can fall apart the day of… and so on and so forth.

So… for what it’s worth… remind yourself… this too shall pass… the shine will rub off of something new… and eventually it looks like everything else…   just make sure everything else is still around….  and remember that change is constant.  The one constant in my life as it were, is change… but hey.. maybe that too will pass. 🙂




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