Two Years Later

I’ve seen several post today referring to two years ago.  All fitting; some sad, some paying tribute… others mentioning people they were thinking of today… and I think all are still vital to the healing process.

The one quote I have kept in my mind all day today for some reason is a Robert Frost quote that is true in so many situations, actually it may be the truest quote ever written.  “It Goes On”.  It truly does.  The full quote being; “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life; it goes on.”

That’s not to dismiss the memory or lesson the person, it’s a simple statement that life goes on… and life has gone on.  Greenville has changed so much in two years… the One Tower is just an example… yet the City is still essentially the same… Falls Park still as beautiful as it was that Sunday morning in September of 2011.

For me; I’ve changed so much in two years… life has changed for me so much in two years…. the two closest people to me I hardly knew two years ago.  I’ve moved, hell, even had a part time job at Starbucks for a year (that ends next week)…. but so much is still the exact same… still sitting at the same Mac, writing on this same blog site… hanging out with the same two dogs that were with me two years ago in the morning.  Time has flown by but it feels like the minute hand has hardly moved a bit.

I guess this blog is really just a long status update that says “It goes on”.. with a little explanation.  It goes hand in hand with my last blog of “This too shall pass”.  Regardless of what is happening around you… regardless of anything… life goes on, with or without you.

Annette Medlin probably summed up a few other thoughts best.  She noted that a person may battle their demons with a smile on their face and that you really never know what is really deep inside of a person… it’s true.  Most people, especially in the world of social media that we live in, most people have a facade and its rare for us to glimpse behind the vail.

So just remember that you never know what battles people are fighting… ever…. and always be nice to people… always.  You never know when they could be gone.


One thought on “Two Years Later

  1. WOW. 2 years. Unbelievable. Great post, James. Hard to believe. Truly hard to digest still. Everyone is fighting a battle. Everyone.

    Loves and hugs to you,

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