My Votes for Greenville City Council, Mauldin City Council, Greenville Water Commissioner

This time of year I am often asked voting advice.  YES, for those of you who don’t know, there is an election coming up on Tuesday, November 5th.  This being an off-year election, turn out will be low, and that means your vote counts more than normal.  (granted you should ALWAYS vote)

So here are the three specific candidates I would urge you to vote for in their respective races….

The first is Taft Matney in the Mauldin City Council Seat 1 race.  I lived literally one plot of land away from the City of Mauldin for many years, and still feel very connected to the area.  Taft is more concerned with the City of Mauldin being on the right track than he is about party politics.  Therefore, I hope you will support Matney for Mauldin on Nov. 5th.

The second is Greenville County Council At-Large.  I encourage you to support Gaye Sprague in that race.  Gaye first won the seat in ’09 and since has been a helpful force on Council with her background in engineering.  Gaye has helped the City Council remain bipartisan on many issues and votes the way her heart and mind tell her, not with a party affiliation in mind.

The third is not the first Republican I have supported.. but the first Republican I have allowed put a yard sign in my yard.  That candidate is Deb Sofield for Water Commissioner.  Deb is also someone who puts her views before the party line.  As a matter of fact, for someone who served on Greenville City Council and now serves on the Water Commission, Deb is rather unpolitical.  I love that.  The Water Commission should not be political… it’s water…. though I was able to watch a race in ’09 that showed me just how dirty and nasty a water race can be!

If you want to learn more about any of these candidates, visit their websites or Facebook pages… or reach out to them…  Do whatever you need to do so that you feel comfortable voting for them on Nov. 5th.

Whatever you do… PLEASE DO NOT vote straight ticket!  Take the time to VOTE for who you want to VOTE for…

Mauldin for Matney

Greenville for Sprague & Sofield




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