My Kennedy Theory.

If you know me, truly know me, or have simply been in my home, you must realize I have a Kennedy… obsession?  I have quite the collection of memorabilia…. will stop on any channel airing anything about Kennedy and love my friends that give me original Kennedy memorabilia for Christmas more than those who do not. (kidding.. maybe)

This does not make me an expert on all things Kennedy, though I feel very confident I can go toe-to-toe with most people as it relates to Kennedy history.  I will be the first admit that the Kennedy Presidency was not a great one historically.  NASA and the Cuban Missile Crisis being two of his greatest successes.  Much the same way Bush did after 9/11, Johnson did get a ton of Kennedy agenda items passed after his death , but in all likelihood, most of those would have seen no traction had Kennedy lived out his term(s), Kennedy was a great man, though he had his flaws, and was more conservative than most people realize, especially fiscally.

Being such a collector of all things Kennedy, I am often asked my opinion of his death…  did Oswald act alone? or at all for that matter. This little blog might not answer all of the questions, but it will give you my opinion, “for what it’s worth”.  This is not a sourced blog… this is all in my head.. from what I think, therefore it is possible I may misspeak.  If I do, and you can factually prove me wrong, please, by all means, do.

So here goes…

Yes, I do think Oswald was the assassin.  The “magic bullet” was not magic at all, and can be easily proven if you look at the evidence.  Such as the fact that JFK was seated in the jump seat, above Gov. Conley and therefore a bullet shot at that angle can explain the “magic bullet” wounds.  It has been argued that Kennedy’s wound seemed to come from the front of the head to the back, and that he fell backward, not forward.  Both of these are explainable. Kennedy’s autopsy photo clearly shows a bullet entry wound in the back of his head.  A small, round hole.  This bullet would have then exploded as it hit his skull on the back and then again as it was exiting to the front right. That action would have caused the frontal part of his to appear explode outward as it did, causing blood and brain to rush forward into the air and cover Gov and Mrs Conley and then blow back towards Jackie and himself.  The wind from the open car top would also help explain the brain matter on the rear trunk of the car.  The limo driver knew Kennedy was shot once already a split second before the fatal shot.  Clint Hill, Jackie Kennedy’s personal guard, and one of my hero’s I might add, had already started running to the car to give the Kennedy’s cover when the President was hit again. If the bullet was shot from the grassy knoll, where did it go? It would not have suddenly stopped in Kennedy’s brain… it would have needed to exit.  No exit wounds are there.  The windshield would have been hit by someone in front of him firing at the car in order to allow for a bullet to enter and leave on the right side of his head.  So unless Nelly did it, that isn’t an option. His body did go to the rear, but any medical doctor will tell you that when Kennedy’s brain was hit by the bullet, likely every muscle in his body tightened, every nerve reacted, for a split second.  Your back muscles are much stronger than your abs.  Think about it.  When you are spooked, your body tenses and for a second you go to the back and up higher, you do not instantly fall forward.  It would make sense, that for a second Kennedy would go back and slightly elevate, before being pulled over by Mrs. Kennedy.  That is what you see on the Zapruder film.

The Warren Report got it right, there is no magic bullet and all shots came from behind the Lincoln.  The House Investigation on Assassinations, set up to examine the Kennedy assassination agreed.  Where the House differed was in thinking a crazy nut job killed the President vs a conspiracy.  The House found that it is likely that a conspiracy had taken place, and therefore the US Government still officially believes a conspiracy did take place. I’m not sure about that.  I do feel Oswald was the lone gunman.  All facts point that way.  The only confusing part is why Oswald did not fess up.  His actions in the years prior indicate he wanted attention, and this was going to get him attention, make him a hero to everyone who hated Kennedy (which was a lot of people in Dallas), so why not say “I did it”? That is the one thing I do not understand.  Unless he was not acting alone.  Unless he realized at the moment he shot Kennedy that he had just killed the President and was going to take the fall alone.  A few things do not add up.  Why he did not have a better escape plan? He left Marina his wedding ring and all of his cash, so clearly he knew he would not be coming home.  So why did he walk away from the School Book Depository?  Did he not have a plan beyond killing Kennedy?  Clearly he knew he was going to do that.  Maybe he thought he would be killed in the process.  Maybe there was an escape plan for him.  Maybe someone was to meet him and usurer him to safety, out of the country, likely to Cuba. We will likely never know.

In my opinion though, Oswald was the lone shooter, even if he wasn’t acting entirely alone.

The hours after the assassination were butchered by the secret service.  The President’s body should have received a full medical autopsy in Dallas.  Instead his body was illegally seized by the secret service, taken to Washington for an autopsy by Navy surgeons who were not qualified to complete the autopsy.  As soon as they looked at the body it was again taken away.  Their report was written without the body present and without all of the information they should had.  They did not have access to the limousine which had been ordered cleaned.  They did not even seen the bullet hole in President Kennedy’s neck.  They assumed it was a tracheotomy performed in Dallas, not the first gun shot which it was. I do not think this was all some giant cover up. I think this was all just a giant screw up.  I do not think anyone in the secret service was trying to cover up anything by removing the body.  I do not think Bobby Kennedy was trying to hide anything when he ordered President Kennedy be taken to Bethesda Naval Hospital.  He did so because Kennedy was a Navy veteran and he was familiar with the hospital. I think all of these things just gave fuel to the conspiracy theory.

It is hard to believe the a single gunman, in a window in Dallas could take down a President who had just out maneuvered Russia. It is hard to believe that a skinny, wiry guy like Oswald could kill the handsome leader of the free world.  I think people want things to be more complicated than they sometimes are.  Sometimes the questions are more complicated than the answers.

Many a myth have been created about the Kennedy Presidency.  Most American’s had not witness violence like they witnessed that day.  American’s were in shock.  American’s wanted to believe in the myth that was Camelot.  A myth that was created after Kennedy’s death by Jackie in a newspaper article.  People wanted to love their President. Kennedy won the election with less than 50% of the votes cast.  Yet in 1964 around 70% of Americans told Gallop they had voted for Kennedy. People wanted to believe some great evil force was behind it.

I think the facts show evil was behind it.. but in the form of Oswald as the lone gunman.



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