Is it FAIR to all concerned?

Driving along in Walhalla yesterday I passed a sign.  I had passed this sign a few weeks ago but didn’t think much of it.  This time, probably because of a situation I was dealing with at that very moment… it stood out. There are four signs, though only three are visible. They are spread out in a row so that you read them as you drive.  The signs are old, clearly have been in the median for some time, and need some TLC.   The first is what stood out to me.. though they all should be applied to everything.

ImageIs it FAIR to all concerned?

ImageWill it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

ImageThough hard to see.. this sign reads:

Is it the TRUTH? 

and finally….


This is actually the Four Question Test that Rotary ask it’s members to ask of everything… we should all ask this of everything.  All four are equally as valuable as the other, but that first question is what I focused on.  Likely because I was wronged earlier this week by an acquaintance and I have been debating how to handle the situation.  Being patient and not retaliating is not something I’m known for… in general I am impatient.. and have been known to seek revenge, especially if I feel I have been wronged or someone close to me has been.  You know what they say about a ginger’s temper… well, it is true…. while rare… when you driven to a certain point I tend to explode.  Much like the ginger witch on American Horror Story.

I must have mellowed a bit more recently though.  I have developed a bit more patience as it relates to anger and even chosen not to respond to people in situations recently. I have attempted to remind myself to treat others how I would want to be treated and that it is sometimes better to not reply and let Karma deal with the other person (if you believe in karma). I’ll admit, this time however, the more I have thought about this situation the more my blood has boiled… and while I am positive the person who needs to read these four signs the most will never see this blog nor will they drive down Main Street in Walhalla…  simply posting this makes me feel better.


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