Julie Valentine Center

The first race I ever ran was a 5k almost four years ago.  That started a bit of an addiction, not so much to running, as to the bibs.  My number was “1” which I loved.  That race was the Julie Valentine Center Run2Overcome, which is now in it’s sixth year.  Named the Run2Overcome by the runners who initially ran the race, it was first started after a jogger in Greenville was raped.  The run was Greenville’s way to help raise money for her recovery and awareness that though they aren’t spoke of often, rapes do happen in Greenville.  The run was handed off to The Julie Valentine Center, formerly The Greenville Rape Crisis & Child Abuse Center, and has found it’s stride with the center as one of two major fundraisers put on each year.  Each year, with the help of my friends, I have been able to raise over $2,000 for the center in pledges for my run. This year I have two new goals.

First, I would like to have a team this year.  You don’t need to be a runner to join.  I would say a majority of the people who do the Run2Overcome do not run, they walk or jog.  I would love to have a good little team of people “running” with me this year.  Registration opened yesterday and this month is reduced to just $20.  You can register at http://www.SupportJames.com or at http://www.Run2Overcome.org.  Click the join team button and join “Running with Friends”.

Second, I would like to raise $3,000 as a team.  Everyone who signs up to “run” is provided with a fundraising page.  I would LOVE to increase my pledge amount for the $2,500 it was last year to $3,000 this year.  You can go make a pledge right now at http://www.SupportJames.com

JVC is a cause very close to my heart.  The staff at the center are simply amazing and the services provided there are priceless, but they do have a cost. In a still recovering economy, JVC has faced budget cuts and funding vetos in the past few years and without private funding/sponsorship would be forced to make tough decisions about the support, care, & treatment provided.

So if you live in Greenville, consider signing up for the Run2Overcome.  Either to run by yourself or as a group and either way, consider making a pledge on my page and help reach the $3,000. goal I’ve set this year. 🙂




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