Everyone you hate is going to win tomorrow.

Initially I was going to write a blog about who I would vote for tomorrow (and hope you will vote for as well).  Then, after the last few weeks, I realized… it probably doesn’t matter.  Why?  You’re probably not going to vote, that’s why.  So, everything you hate about government, everything you hate locally, and every tax you pay is now your fault.  Don’t like Woodruff Road? Tough… you aren’t voting for County Council members who will fix that nightmare of a road.  Don’t like our roads in general? Tough… there is a ballot initiative that would fix the roads in Greenville County, but if you don’t vote for it you shouldn’t complain about that pot hole in the center lane.  Think Congress all need to be voted out of office?  GREAT!!! except EVERY SINGLE HOUSE MEMBER AND SENATOR in SC is up for election tomorrow.. and guess what… EVERY SINGLE ONE of them is expected to win! Think we need a transparent Governor who won’t veto funding for rape crisis and child abuse centers and then deny it? or a Governor who thinks violent criminal domestic convicts shouldn’t carry a gun? You should vote for Sheheen… but being you likely won’t vote… you have no room to complain when your Governor hides the truth from you…

So… VOTE!!!!! I don’t care who or what you vote for… just VOTE!!!!! I would prefer you be an informed voter but at this point I would just settle for you voting… we have to start somewhere.  Oh and don’t think your vote doesn’t count.  IT DOES!! Jil Littlejohn won her City Council seat by just a few… literally.. a few… votes!! Every single person should go vote! Think you can’t because your address is wrong on your ID?  Wrong… go to County Square and vote… vote…. vote… VOTE!!!!!

So if you plan to vote… keep reading… if you don’t… well… don’t complain about failing infrastructure, ebola, homelessness, taxes, or anything else for that matter…

Over the last few years I have learned that the overwhelming majority of voters do not actually do any research.  They listen to what attack ads in the media say and pay attention to whichever lie is said the most, which is why whoever has the most money typically wins. A good example of a lie becoming part of our psychic is the famous “I can see Russia from my yard” line attributed to Sarah Palin.. except Sarah Palin never said this… Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin said this. So, doing my due diligence as a voter I have always tried to give my opinions of races and issues after looking at the facts.  With that in mind… here are my endorsements (queue Law & Order gavel).

Greenville County Special Sales Tax Referendum

First, here in Greenville we will be voting on increasing our sales tax by 1%.  You may have seen the “Fix Our Roads” signs or the “Vote “YES”” signs.  The referendum would allow for Greenville County to collect a special 1% sales tax that would be applied to fixing our roads.  The tax increase is NOT open ended, it is capped at 8 years or $673,193,630 and must be spend on 4 projects in Greenville County.

When I ran for office in 2008 one of the biggest issues I saw in Greenville County was our falling apart infrastructure. If you would like to see the special projects to be covered you can find them here (click here). Our roads are falling apart and our government leaders cannot agree on anything, much less a budget that would fix the situation.  In my opinion this is a must do.  I will be voting YES on the referendum.

Lt. Governor

The Lt. Governors race is a race I had planned to stay out of with this blog.  I know Henry McMaster and think he is a genuinely good guy. He is a true South Carolinian down to the core and one word out of his mouth and you know he’s from the low country.  Bakari Sellers on the other hand is a Legislator in Columbia who many believe will use this office as a stepping stone.  I felt the same way a bit.  It is true, I did agree to be on a host list for Sellers a few weeks ago but privately I had reservations about his candidacy.  That was before the two candidates took the stage together and I was able to see Bakari shine.  He genuinely wants this position. The Lt. Governor in this state is largely ceremonial with the exception of presiding over the Senate and heading the Department of Aging for South Carolina.  Under Nikki Haley two Lt. Governors have resigned and we now have a third in four years.  The Department of Aging has suffered by not having a leader with any plans.  Bakari Sellers has a plan.. a six point plan that he laid out in the only debate.  Sellers knows his stuff… he knows what he wants to do and has a plan to do it.  One of his six points is to make South Carolina the leader in funding for Alzheimer’s research… this is a cause very close to my heart and I was surprised McMaster did not bring up the subject even once.  McMaster seems to be running on name id without a plan… Sellers has retired from his seat in the Legislator so he is focus on winning this race…  While I have enormous respect of McMaster, Bakari Sellers is the candidate with the plan and experience to get the job done.


I will make this short and sweet.  We need a Governor who tells the truth… a Governor we can trust.  We cannot trust Haley… from the Savannah Port issue, to the TB issue, to the hacking of State computers and beyond, Nikki Haley’s administration lies. In 2010, Nikki Haley vetoed funding for The Julie Valentine Center along with a whole host of other non-profits.  When the citizens of this state spoke up Haley was quoted as saying she would not bow to the special interest group to overturn this veto. Rape victims are special interest groups??  She now denies she vetoed the funding and says “in the end it was funded”… she is correct, the veto of JVCs funding was overturned by the Legislator on a 111-0, bi-partisan vote with not a single Legislature voting to uphold her veto. The biggest lie is her touting of how many jobs she has brought to South Carolina.  The numbers are actually about 1/2 of what she claims.  To Nikki Haley, if a company like Amazon promises 1,000 jobs in 5 years as long as Haley supports a tax loop hole for said company, Nikki Haley counts those numbers as “jobs”.. even if Amazon has only hired 10 people and may never actually hire the other 990.  Her numbers are smoke in mirrors. Vincent Sheheen will restore honesty and integrity to the office and more than anything Vincent Sheheen can work WITH both Houses in Columbia in order to get Bills passed, rather than put out failing report cards on Legislators who do not fund-raise for him. Tuesday I will vote for Vincent Sheheen because I believe South Carolina can do better.

US Senate

I will start by saying we need term limits in Congress.. though I doubt we will ever see them.  However, the current system is what we are stuck with and I think it would be foolish of South Carolina to “fire” Lindsey Graham or Tim Scott.  Lindsey Graham has shown himself to be a mostly moderate Republican.  I do not always agree with Graham but he is better than the alternative.  The same can be said for Tim Scott and his opponents.  So while not a ringing endorsement, I will be voting for Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott Tuesday.

Attorney General

The Attorney General should represent ALL citizens.  Alan Wilson does not. For that reason I will vote for a candidate whom is less likely to use taxpayer money to continue to fight a lawsuit the Supreme Court has already made a decision on.  I will vote for Parnell Diggs.

SC House District 20

Jon Eames will appear on the ballot twice… but that still doesn’t make him half the statesman Dan Hamilton is.  If you live in SC House 20, vote for Hamilton.  He and I may not agree on everything but I truly believe he looks at all sides of the issue before casting a vote.

For what it’s worth…



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