For President, I support…

So if you know me at all, you know how political I am. I do tend to lean towards one party over the other, but I often split my vote with each party, and have even been known to vote for the Libertarian candidate. As most of you know, I have met and listened to nine candidates for President this cycle.

In years past I have often written blogs supporting a candidate from each party. I am not crazy enough to believe that everyone votes on merit and not party, therefore I know many of my friends will always vote R or D. In 2010 I wrote a blog supporting Nikki Haley over the other Republicans in the race. That year I also was very vocal in my support for Vincent Sheheen in both the Democratic Primary and in the General Election.

I give you that background for two reasons. First, to prove I’m not someone who always sides with one party or always supports the “establishment”, “most liberal”, or insert any other line you would like, candidate.

This year is different though. Politics in 2016 is not the same as it was in 2008 or even 2010. This seems to be the year of “huuuggggggee” politics. The year of outlandish comments. The year of “crazy” politics.

Rather than a full blog on each of the two candidates I could see voting for, this year I am just doing this blog. This year I will just mention the runner up in this paragraph. If I were to vote in the Republican primary I think I would have to vote with Jeb! or Marco. We still have about a month, but for now those are a close tie. Marco has a leg up, but Jeb! isn’t totally out of the picture. In fact, if either of those two actually become the Republican nominee, I may infact vote for them in November. Assuming my real pick isn’t on the ballot.

Now.. for the good stuff.

In 2008, I was a very proud Hillary delegate. I adore Bill Clinton. I never really drank the Obama kool-aid so to speak. I admitted defeat once President Obama had the majority and have been proud some of his initiatives. At the same time though, several things during his Presidency has bothered me. Not all of those things have been his fault, such as the growing divide in the two parties.

Hillary Clinton has an outstanding resume. She is a true statesman and is very accomplished. Unfortunately for me, she has become too political.

Bernie Sanders on the other hand is someone outside of the “beltway” so to speak. While I do not agree with every position he has, and do still have a few questions about how some of his proposals would be funded, at the end of the day it is about something bigger than that. For me, Sanders represents a change from the everyday politican. Unlike Hillary, he has been reluctant to criticize her and has proposed to run ON his ideas, not AGAINST his opponent.

Bernie Sanders has filled large venues than Donald Trump and has raised far more money. Yet, for some reason, the media ignores him. In my opinion they ignore him largely because he has been viewed as a long shot, as well as the fact that he doesn’t make for good tv. If you truly look into his campaign though, he represents something different from all of the other candidates.

The truth is, our middle class now represents less than 1/2 of our population. This is the first time in modern history this has happened. While Secretary Clinton may not be directly responsible for this, her votes and actions as a Senator and First Lady have helped shrink the middle class.

In short, Bernie Sanders starts from a better position than Hillary Clinton is currently in. His campaign has been ahead of her on campaign positions all along and her campaign has been forced to follow behind. It is my belief, that if Bernie Sanders looked like Martin O’Malley, he would be a slam dunk to win. My hope is that more people truly research the candidates this year, looking into their past campaign positions, and make educated voting decisions.

Having done the above. I support Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee for President.



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