Graycie Guest Blog – Rubio v Jeb!


Last week my daddy posted a picture of me proudly typing away in favor of Marco Rubio! I loved him. He once supported an immigration bill that would allow me, and Italian Greyhound, a path to citizenship. He’s also young and energetic! Exciting!

It was all a lie!

Since I started supporting Rubio, daddy has made sure I learn as much as I can about him! After sleeping on it last night, I have decided to change my allegiance to Jeb!. This is why.

I am not a single issue voter, no dog should be, but same-sex marriage is important to me. Yesterday Marco Rubio approached a table in a NH restaurant, shaking hands and kissing babies, like a good politico, when he approached a gay man. The man commented that Senator Rubio wanted to “put him back in the closest”, to which Rubio replied “that’s not true”. If you listen to what he has said within the past month, it is true. Rubio then explained that he did not agree with same-sex marriage and wanted to change that. Well I don’t like a lot of things, but as a doggy I don’t say the Supreme Court is wrong, I accept what the Supreme Court rules as the law of the land, which it is. Rubio has been quoted as saying he would only nominate Justices who would vote to overturn that ruling. Talk about activist judges!? My two daddies were together for 8 years. 8 years is longer than the average marriage. If my dads were married it would have had zero impact on Senator Rubio’s marriage, yet if Rubio were to become President, he has stated he would take aim at same-sex families. That is wrong.

His stance on abortion is hard to swallow as well. As a doggy, my daddies had me fixed when I was just a tiny girl. That means I will never have to worry about babies. My dad is actually more conservative on the issue of abortion than some people think, but he and I do agree that if someone were to be raped today, find out they were pregnant in two weeks, that they SHOULD be able to have an abortion. Senator Rubio leaves no room for any abortions, which is more conservative than anyone I know. Almost everyone I know that is pro-life, at least makes exceptions in certain cases. Not only does Rubio not make any exception, he has also said he would only nominate Justices that agree with his opinion.

Maybe I am confused because I am a doggy, but it sounds like Senator Rubio plans to make himself a King of sorts if he were president and rather than build consensus, have the “you are with me or against me” approach.

That more than anything is why I am shifting over to Jeb!. Jeb! has shown he can work with democrats and build consensus. That is important to me. We MUST get this country back to a place where we work together, not demonize each other for every little disagreement. Democrats and republicans have been guilty of this, and as a Republican doggie, I must start with myself and my party and elect leaders that will reach across the isle.

Jeb! also has this explanation point. That is a huge part of why I support him. His name alone is exciting. It’s not the normal Jeb name you see from the other doggies down the street, it’s Jeb!, an exciting version! Makes me want to bark! Plus Jeb! is very tall! My daddy met him last year and said he was like two feet taller than daddy! That makes him a giant that can take on any bully! Even bullies with funny hair!

So, in summary. Vote for Jeb! if you are voting in the Republican Primary! I am still trying to convince my daddy to vote for Jeb! and not Bernie, but it isn’t working!!! He keeps repeating himself, much like Marco Rubio, except daddy keeps encouraging people to feel the Bern! Also, cover up all of your Rubio stickers with Jeb! stickers! If you need one let my daddy know! I have several!

Be kind to everyone! Every doggy! Every Bush!

-graycie mae


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