Call a spade, a spade. (Why I’m changing to Hillary)

This election is the most important of our lifetime. Every four years we are told that, by both democrats and republicans. Honestly, I have never actually agreed with that. We have had, up until now, an amazing system that helps prevent extremist from enacting their agenda. Congress has always been the firewall protecting the people from the President.

This year is different.

We currently have a Congress that is made up of people who are failures at leadership, failures at compromise, failures at legislating. The overall blame can be shared by each side. In the past both the republicans and democrats have increasingly failed to show real leadership. It just happens to be that currently we have a republican lead House and Senate, both of which refuse to work on any consensus items.

This election is too important.

I support Bernie Sanders for President. That is no secret. I am a realist however and realize that has been an uphill battle, a battle that is becoming more and more difficult to win. I have also watched as the republicans narrowed down the field on that side. Just as they did with Jon Huntsman in 2012, the republicans have defeated the true leaders and looked increasingly to the most extreme candidates. One could argue about who is the greatest threat to the foundation of our country; a sitting US Senator who is so divisive that every single one of his fellow US Senators refuse to endorse him, or the businessman who has turned the US Presidential election into a circus sideshow. I am still hopeful the party can overcome him but I am not optimistic. Where have you gone Mitt Romney? A lonely nation turns it’s eyes to you. There are still pathways to a brokered convention and a victorious Mitt Romney saving the party, but it’s an outside chance.

Increasingly it looks as if we will see a Trump v Clinton election.

I am aware that Secretary Clinton is a polarizing figure. This polarization comes mostly from the media on each side and how they have portrayed her, and her dismissive attitude towards the press does not help. Endless attacks from Fox News, Drudge, Rush, and others. In fact, her actual positions and previous leadership have shown she is not too far from Bernie. It is true she is somewhat more conservative than him, after all she is from Arkansas and he is from Vermont, but her time in the Senate showed she does know how to govern, how to lead, and how to compromise. I still hold hope that Bernie can pull out a win, but that hope is likely not a reality.

In 2012 I did not vote for Barack Obama. I felt he had let the country down on his “Hope & Change” promise. At the time I felt Romney was just as bad of a pick so I voted for Gary Johnson. I have always encouraged people to vote for the best candidate, regardless of the party, even if that candidate has essentially no chance of winning the election.

This election is different.

This election is different in the fact that if Hillary Clinton does not win the election, Donald J Trump wins the election. Those stakes are too high. Donald Trump has shown he will make America not great again, but worse than ever. He speaks his mind, even if what he is thinking is hurtful, racist, sexist, or egotistical. The problem is that he has been able to connect to people’s worst inner voice. The voice that says all Muslims are bad. The voice that says being politically correct shows weakness. The voice that says as long as I wrap what I am saying in a flag it is correct. The problem is that doesn’t make America great, it makes us fascist and it is incredibly dangerous.

With that in mind, I do not see how we can support anyone other than Hillary Clinton. A vote for anyone other than Hillary Clinton in November is quite simply a vote for Donald J. Trump. A vote for Donald J Trump weakens America and risk a total collapse of our society and system of government.

You may think that is over exaggerating the problem, but it isn’t. I have said for many years that our country is close to a tipping point of no return. I firmly believe with Donald J Trump as President, we risk causing irreversible damage to our nation.

It is time to start calling a spade a spade and to stop laughing. It is time we stand up for the greatest country on earth and protect her from those who would do her harm.



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