My birthday wish.

My 35th year has been a roller coaster which mostly headed downward. A few high points were mixed, though…. my road trip from the top left corner of Washington state home, starting my own team and deciding to make a leap and open our own office. I’ve also gone into business with some of my best friends. I’m not going to list out any of the downward rides but they started in mid-March and for me hit a critical moment on December 6th.

By now you know my story… I had several strokes in December…. I was bounced from hospital to hospital and eventually landed in GHS Neurological Trauma on December 8th. If you’ve been around me since then you know how much love and respect I have for everyone in the Neurological Institute at GHS. They saved my life. Period.

As a result of my strokes, I have been asked to join three boards or councils. One with SC DHEC, one with the GHS Neurological Institute, as well as the board of the Greenville Polo Classic, benefiting the GHS Neurological Insitute.

So here is what I want for my birthday…

I have a personal goal of wanting to raise $10,000 for the GHS Neurological Institute this year. As it turns out, I did not have insurance on that day. My insurance literally ended the night before. As a result of this crazy circumstance, in which even GHS was shocked that my coverage ended roughly 7 hours before I was rushed to the hospital, GHS as forgiven over $16,000 in services. That figure was prior to my most recent round of test (a stress test and a Contrasting CT Scan), so I am sure I am above $10,000 now. GHS has placed a sponsorship on my account and through December 6th, 2017, my bills will be routed through them first and I will owe roughly 25% of the billable cost.

I want to repay them. $10,000 isn’t enough, but it’s a start.

I have some amazing friends. So I am asking you, to make a contribution, in my name, to not only thank GHS for saving my life, but for saving the lives of so many others.

How can you do this so that we can keep track of the funds?  Two ways:

  1. GHS is in the process of providing me with an easier method but for the moment, go to That will take you to the GHS Giving Page. Under gift information, you will click “Make this gift on behalf of an organization” an input: *PoloClassic #TeamJames and then click the “Direct my gift to” and choose Neurological Institute under Neurology. If you could please let me know if you choose this option. GHS has said they will give us updates, but they will not be instant, maybe even not weekly, so I would like to be able to keep a running total.
  2. Mail a check made out to GHS Neurological Institute. You can mail me this check and I will turn them in together. Mail them to my office: Keller Williams Modern, 700 E North St Suite 12, Greenville, SC 29601

Literally, nothing would make me happier than to hit a high number for my birthday.




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