I don’t like Mondays.

Well, Tori Amos and I have two things in common now. The first, we are both from North Carolina. The second, we don’t like Mondays.

This blog isn’t about Mondays though. It’s about yesterday.

Some days are better than others, I know I’ve written that more than once. And for the most part, I am making my way pretty well. Yesterday was not your average day though.

I had breakfast with Lee & Courtney, nothing uncommon there. I then had a strange little headache. Truth be told I’ve felt slightly off most of the weekend. After I breakfast I met with one of my clients and afterward ran a few errands and then went back to the office. The day was going well enough until around 4pm I lost all hearing in my left ear and just as fast as it went away a loud ringing noise started. I honestly think it scared me more than anything, and it scared me so much I almost passed out. I’m not a doctor but I think my adrenaline took over and for the same reason people pass out at the sight of needles, I think my body panicked and almost took me out.

After a few minutes I was okay, but still pretty scared. I ended up hanging around the office for a bit just in case anything crazy happened. Actually, as soon as it happened I got up and went into the kid’s room. I told Wyatt what had happened and hung out in there a few minutes.

Once I finally left work I went to the old house, which I am still finishing up moving from, and packed up the last few boxes. I started loading the truck and again, randomly, I got really lightheaded. Thankfully Lee and Teresa showed up to help with a few things in the basement and then we were on our way back to the new place.

I’m not sure if it is stress or the weather.. but something is up lately. I’m hoping it’s a combination of both and that as the weather improves and I wrap up moving this week I will once again feel better!

I still won’t like Mondays though.


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