Today is day 235. That crazy. I cannot believe I have, in theory, fallen asleep 234 nights since waking up that Tuesday morning. I won’t rehash that whole thing but 235 days seems crazy.

So where are things as of today? Literally, the exact same place they were at day 90. Unfortunately, my neurologist visit week went something like this…

“nothing has changed” … “no. nothing”

My neurologist says that he can see very little healing since the March 6th scan. In fact, the radiologist report says “identical” and “no change” several times.

What does that mean? Stress.

I still have to be limited with what I do in order to not risk worsening the tears. No heavy lifting. Nothing that causes my neck to move around. No massage. No roller coasters. Heck, I’m not even sure I could get on a go cart or bumper car.

It also means no relief of the neck pain for a while. No end in sight to the sound of a clogged water hose that I hear in my artery almost daily. No end to all of these meds, although he did tell me I can start coming off of the pain meds if I would like. They are there to keep me from, well, as the name implies, being in pain. So if I feel like the side effects are outweighing the benefits, I can start to come off of those. I do have to stay on the majority of pills though.

This is my new normal. He officially told me I am there. Basically the amount of pain, the amount of limited activity, the headaches, the dizziness… this is my new normal. Unfortunately, he said this also means I am have hit the end of the healing road. In fact, he thinks there is a good chance I will not heal past this point. He also thinks the risk of these scans are now out weighing the benefits and will not do another scan to check progress until at least next July, barring some change in my status.

So, if you happen to have a few vertebral artery dissections, which cause numerous cerebral strokes, expect that around the seven-month mark you’ll hit your new normal.


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