My Life

I woke up Saturday and started thinking…. actually, that’s wrong. I woke up Saturday because Domino refused to let me sleep any longer. Once I had gotten him settled down, I started looking at my phone, specifically the memories on Facebook from Saturday of years past. THEN I started thinking. Wrapped up in the memories from previous February 3rds, I realized how full my life has already been. There was a picture of me sitting on the bench of the SC Supreme Court, along with two friends. We were dressed in judges robes and holding the gavel. That’s a memory from Leadership Greenville. Two photo’s down you’ll find a picture of President Bill Clinton, whom I’ve met five times I believe. Then I started to think, I’ve met Hillary three times, President Obama once, President Trump twice, all of the candidates for President in 2016 at least once…. the list goes on. I’m also about to welcome home a beautiful puppy who was thrown from a car here in Greenville. She will be the sister to two of the best dogs anyone could have ever asked for. Dogs that have lived well past the average age of most dogs. Dogs that celebrity birthdays with parties, Halloween with costumes, and get Christmas presents. Dogs I’ve had for almost half of my life. I’m on several boards and committees, I’ve run for office, I’ve won an election, how many people can say they have stood for public office and won an election against two other people in a primary? I’m also the co-owner and broker-in-charge of my own real estate company. A dream that first landed in my head fourteen years ago. As I sat in my living room and look around I am surrounded by my photos on canvas, it’s a museum of places I’ve been. From Havana to the Grand Canyon, Charleston to Fort de France off the coast of South America. Pictures of my dogs. Furniture handmade by friends. I have the best friends. All of you. Plus a small core group of amazing people. A Range Rover key in front of me. A car that literally cost more than the mobile home I grew up in.

All of this, at 36.

I do have my bad days. I have days when I feel like that 15% chance I was given after my strokes has come back to bite me. Days when I feel the weight of the world is crashing in on me. Days when I don’t want to get out of bed because I either feel horrible or feel depressed. Days when I want to be the mouse, hiding in the corner, beside of my fireplace. Those are the days when I am glad I have surrounded myself with memories, and love.

So Thank You. Thank you for being part of my life. For being there every day when I need it, whether you realize I need it or not. For the hugs. For the flowers and cards a year ago. For everything.

You. All. Rock. Every single one of you.

Thanks for being in my life. Hopefully for another 36 years… that will be way better than the first 36!


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