Call a spade, a spade. (Why I’m changing to Hillary)

This election is the most important of our lifetime. Every four years we are told that, by both democrats and republicans. Honestly, I have never actually agreed with that. We have had, up until now, an amazing system that helps prevent extremist from enacting their agenda. Congress has always been the firewall protecting the people from the President.

This year is different.

We currently have a Congress that is made up of people who are failures at leadership, failures at compromise, failures at legislating. The overall blame can be shared by each side. In the past both the republicans and democrats have increasingly failed to show real leadership. It just happens to be that currently we have a republican lead House and Senate, both of which refuse to work on any consensus items.

This election is too important.

I support Bernie Sanders for President. That is no secret. I am a realist however and realize that has been an uphill battle, a battle that is becoming more and more difficult to win. I have also watched as the republicans narrowed down the field on that side. Just as they did with Jon Huntsman in 2012, the republicans have defeated the true leaders and looked increasingly to the most extreme candidates. One could argue about who is the greatest threat to the foundation of our country; a sitting US Senator who is so divisive that every single one of his fellow US Senators refuse to endorse him, or the businessman who has turned the US Presidential election into a circus sideshow. I am still hopeful the party can overcome him but I am not optimistic. Where have you gone Mitt Romney? A lonely nation turns it’s eyes to you. There are still pathways to a brokered convention and a victorious Mitt Romney saving the party, but it’s an outside chance.

Increasingly it looks as if we will see a Trump v Clinton election.

I am aware that Secretary Clinton is a polarizing figure. This polarization comes mostly from the media on each side and how they have portrayed her, and her dismissive attitude towards the press does not help. Endless attacks from Fox News, Drudge, Rush, and others. In fact, her actual positions and previous leadership have shown she is not too far from Bernie. It is true she is somewhat more conservative than him, after all she is from Arkansas and he is from Vermont, but her time in the Senate showed she does know how to govern, how to lead, and how to compromise. I still hold hope that Bernie can pull out a win, but that hope is likely not a reality.

In 2012 I did not vote for Barack Obama. I felt he had let the country down on his “Hope & Change” promise. At the time I felt Romney was just as bad of a pick so I voted for Gary Johnson. I have always encouraged people to vote for the best candidate, regardless of the party, even if that candidate has essentially no chance of winning the election.

This election is different.

This election is different in the fact that if Hillary Clinton does not win the election, Donald J Trump wins the election. Those stakes are too high. Donald Trump has shown he will make America not great again, but worse than ever. He speaks his mind, even if what he is thinking is hurtful, racist, sexist, or egotistical. The problem is that he has been able to connect to people’s worst inner voice. The voice that says all Muslims are bad. The voice that says being politically correct shows weakness. The voice that says as long as I wrap what I am saying in a flag it is correct. The problem is that doesn’t make America great, it makes us fascist and it is incredibly dangerous.

With that in mind, I do not see how we can support anyone other than Hillary Clinton. A vote for anyone other than Hillary Clinton in November is quite simply a vote for Donald J. Trump. A vote for Donald J Trump weakens America and risk a total collapse of our society and system of government.

You may think that is over exaggerating the problem, but it isn’t. I have said for many years that our country is close to a tipping point of no return. I firmly believe with Donald J Trump as President, we risk causing irreversible damage to our nation.

It is time to start calling a spade a spade and to stop laughing. It is time we stand up for the greatest country on earth and protect her from those who would do her harm.




Graycie Guest Blog – Rubio v Jeb!


Last week my daddy posted a picture of me proudly typing away in favor of Marco Rubio! I loved him. He once supported an immigration bill that would allow me, and Italian Greyhound, a path to citizenship. He’s also young and energetic! Exciting!

It was all a lie!

Since I started supporting Rubio, daddy has made sure I learn as much as I can about him! After sleeping on it last night, I have decided to change my allegiance to Jeb!. This is why.

I am not a single issue voter, no dog should be, but same-sex marriage is important to me. Yesterday Marco Rubio approached a table in a NH restaurant, shaking hands and kissing babies, like a good politico, when he approached a gay man. The man commented that Senator Rubio wanted to “put him back in the closest”, to which Rubio replied “that’s not true”. If you listen to what he has said within the past month, it is true. Rubio then explained that he did not agree with same-sex marriage and wanted to change that. Well I don’t like a lot of things, but as a doggy I don’t say the Supreme Court is wrong, I accept what the Supreme Court rules as the law of the land, which it is. Rubio has been quoted as saying he would only nominate Justices who would vote to overturn that ruling. Talk about activist judges!? My two daddies were together for 8 years. 8 years is longer than the average marriage. If my dads were married it would have had zero impact on Senator Rubio’s marriage, yet if Rubio were to become President, he has stated he would take aim at same-sex families. That is wrong.

His stance on abortion is hard to swallow as well. As a doggy, my daddies had me fixed when I was just a tiny girl. That means I will never have to worry about babies. My dad is actually more conservative on the issue of abortion than some people think, but he and I do agree that if someone were to be raped today, find out they were pregnant in two weeks, that they SHOULD be able to have an abortion. Senator Rubio leaves no room for any abortions, which is more conservative than anyone I know. Almost everyone I know that is pro-life, at least makes exceptions in certain cases. Not only does Rubio not make any exception, he has also said he would only nominate Justices that agree with his opinion.

Maybe I am confused because I am a doggy, but it sounds like Senator Rubio plans to make himself a King of sorts if he were president and rather than build consensus, have the “you are with me or against me” approach.

That more than anything is why I am shifting over to Jeb!. Jeb! has shown he can work with democrats and build consensus. That is important to me. We MUST get this country back to a place where we work together, not demonize each other for every little disagreement. Democrats and republicans have been guilty of this, and as a Republican doggie, I must start with myself and my party and elect leaders that will reach across the isle.

Jeb! also has this explanation point. That is a huge part of why I support him. His name alone is exciting. It’s not the normal Jeb name you see from the other doggies down the street, it’s Jeb!, an exciting version! Makes me want to bark! Plus Jeb! is very tall! My daddy met him last year and said he was like two feet taller than daddy! That makes him a giant that can take on any bully! Even bullies with funny hair!

So, in summary. Vote for Jeb! if you are voting in the Republican Primary! I am still trying to convince my daddy to vote for Jeb! and not Bernie, but it isn’t working!!! He keeps repeating himself, much like Marco Rubio, except daddy keeps encouraging people to feel the Bern! Also, cover up all of your Rubio stickers with Jeb! stickers! If you need one let my daddy know! I have several!

Be kind to everyone! Every doggy! Every Bush!

-graycie mae

City of Greenville Municipal Elections Commission

As you probably already know… I am very involved and interested in politics, both at local, state, and national levels. With that in mind, I am incredibly excited to announce that I have been recommended for appointment to the City of Greenville Municipal Elections Commission! The Municipal Election Commission is comprised of three individuals appointed by City Council who are residents and registered voters of the city of Greenville. Each Commissioner serves a six year term. The Municipal Election Commission is responsible for conducting all elections of the city of Greenville.

The appointment becomes official at the next City Council meeting which will be held on July 28th. 

I firmly believe everyone should exercise their right to vote and I look forward to working to increase turnout in and around Greenville! 


Outing Aaron Schock was wrong. Period.

A friend sent me a text about Rep. Aaron Schock on Saturday, stating he had been outed and now my friend was questioning his interactions with a certain SC Senator.  I’ll admit I initially had to Google Aaron’s name, but as soon as I saw his picture I knew who it was.  He’s the Representative from Illinois that reminds me a lot of a friend of mine.  He’s a work out junkie as shown off in his shirtless pictures. He’s my age, the first Representative to be born in the 80’s.  He’s all about fashion, just check out the pants he’s wearing in his latest Facebook picture.  He’s single.  He might be gay. He’s hot.  I’ll admit, my gaydar SCREAMS at his pictures. I have very little doubt that he’s gay, in-fact, Aaron, if you are reading this, please call me.. I’ve never been to Chicago and would love a tour……

My questions are these…  Why does it matter?  Who are you to out him? and why is the Advocate and other GLBT organizations jumping all over the band wagon of outing him?  Oh.. it’s because he’s gay, yet votes against gay marriage.  Voted against the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and opposes DOMA.  He probably isn’t a member of HRC…

Here are my main two problems with this.

#1.  In my opinion, it is NEVER okay to out anyone. Ever. Period. You never know what motivations others have for publicly sharing or hiding their sexual preference or relationship status.  I said he was single earlier, actually, he may be in a relationship… if so, good for him… it’s none of my business. It’s none of yours either. It was my choice to state that I was gay in my last blog… and this blog… it’s my choice to disclose if I am in a relationship or not… I may or may not be.  It’s not yours. What Dan Savage, Michelangelo Signorile and others are doing by mocking and attacking Aaron for, are the exact same things that those same people would attack non-gays for if they were directed at anyone else, by anyone else.  Savage and Signorile are hypocrites.

#2. I am so tired of people thinking that because I am gay I am automatically required to subscribe to a specific set of beliefs.  Aaron Schock should be allowed to vote how he wishes, how his constituents wish, on any Bill up for a vote.  If his constituents don’t like it, let them vote him out of office.  Being gay does not automatically require someone to believe in same-sex marriage.  I’m tired of “tolerant” people being intolerant of others in the name of tolerance! (Did you follow that?)

Believe it or not, you can be gay & Christian.  You can be gay and have a different opinion.  You can be gay and conservative. (Have you ever seen my friend @GayPatriot on twitter?)

I get that Schock is a Member of Congress.  I’m fully aware that people expect politicians to have thicker skin than most people.  I respect someone who disagree’s with his votes… but outing him? Because he is hot.. dresses nice… because he follows Tom Daley?… because he is single from what we can tell… and based off of a status update from a pissed off former CBS reporter?  Come on…

A friend sent me a picture yesterday related to the Duck Dynasty post from two weeks ago… it applies here in some ways..  It said:

“Our culture has accepted two huge lies.  The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear or hate them.  The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do.  Both are nonsense.  You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.”  It was overlaid on an image of Phil.

Savage & Signorile are becoming the Rush Limbaugh of the gay community.  They both spew hate and intolerance under the disguise of tolerance.  When I was running for office in ’08 I was on the Signorile show… I do not remember the topic that I disagreed with him on, but he lit into me…. he has no tolerance of any one of who disagrees with him.  Savage is not much better.

Leave Aaron Schock alone.  If he want’s to come out, let him, welcome a gay member of Congress into the fold.  If he doesn’t, that’s fine too.  If he wants to get married… to a woman.. or a man, congratulations!! It’s none of my business… and outing him should have never been an option.

Oh and Aaron, I’m on twitter… @JamesAkersJr


My Kennedy Theory.

If you know me, truly know me, or have simply been in my home, you must realize I have a Kennedy… obsession?  I have quite the collection of memorabilia…. will stop on any channel airing anything about Kennedy and love my friends that give me original Kennedy memorabilia for Christmas more than those who do not. (kidding.. maybe)

This does not make me an expert on all things Kennedy, though I feel very confident I can go toe-to-toe with most people as it relates to Kennedy history.  I will be the first admit that the Kennedy Presidency was not a great one historically.  NASA and the Cuban Missile Crisis being two of his greatest successes.  Much the same way Bush did after 9/11, Johnson did get a ton of Kennedy agenda items passed after his death , but in all likelihood, most of those would have seen no traction had Kennedy lived out his term(s), Kennedy was a great man, though he had his flaws, and was more conservative than most people realize, especially fiscally.

Being such a collector of all things Kennedy, I am often asked my opinion of his death…  did Oswald act alone? or at all for that matter. This little blog might not answer all of the questions, but it will give you my opinion, “for what it’s worth”.  This is not a sourced blog… this is all in my head.. from what I think, therefore it is possible I may misspeak.  If I do, and you can factually prove me wrong, please, by all means, do.

So here goes…

Yes, I do think Oswald was the assassin.  The “magic bullet” was not magic at all, and can be easily proven if you look at the evidence.  Such as the fact that JFK was seated in the jump seat, above Gov. Conley and therefore a bullet shot at that angle can explain the “magic bullet” wounds.  It has been argued that Kennedy’s wound seemed to come from the front of the head to the back, and that he fell backward, not forward.  Both of these are explainable. Kennedy’s autopsy photo clearly shows a bullet entry wound in the back of his head.  A small, round hole.  This bullet would have then exploded as it hit his skull on the back and then again as it was exiting to the front right. That action would have caused the frontal part of his to appear explode outward as it did, causing blood and brain to rush forward into the air and cover Gov and Mrs Conley and then blow back towards Jackie and himself.  The wind from the open car top would also help explain the brain matter on the rear trunk of the car.  The limo driver knew Kennedy was shot once already a split second before the fatal shot.  Clint Hill, Jackie Kennedy’s personal guard, and one of my hero’s I might add, had already started running to the car to give the Kennedy’s cover when the President was hit again. If the bullet was shot from the grassy knoll, where did it go? It would not have suddenly stopped in Kennedy’s brain… it would have needed to exit.  No exit wounds are there.  The windshield would have been hit by someone in front of him firing at the car in order to allow for a bullet to enter and leave on the right side of his head.  So unless Nelly did it, that isn’t an option. His body did go to the rear, but any medical doctor will tell you that when Kennedy’s brain was hit by the bullet, likely every muscle in his body tightened, every nerve reacted, for a split second.  Your back muscles are much stronger than your abs.  Think about it.  When you are spooked, your body tenses and for a second you go to the back and up higher, you do not instantly fall forward.  It would make sense, that for a second Kennedy would go back and slightly elevate, before being pulled over by Mrs. Kennedy.  That is what you see on the Zapruder film.

The Warren Report got it right, there is no magic bullet and all shots came from behind the Lincoln.  The House Investigation on Assassinations, set up to examine the Kennedy assassination agreed.  Where the House differed was in thinking a crazy nut job killed the President vs a conspiracy.  The House found that it is likely that a conspiracy had taken place, and therefore the US Government still officially believes a conspiracy did take place. I’m not sure about that.  I do feel Oswald was the lone gunman.  All facts point that way.  The only confusing part is why Oswald did not fess up.  His actions in the years prior indicate he wanted attention, and this was going to get him attention, make him a hero to everyone who hated Kennedy (which was a lot of people in Dallas), so why not say “I did it”? That is the one thing I do not understand.  Unless he was not acting alone.  Unless he realized at the moment he shot Kennedy that he had just killed the President and was going to take the fall alone.  A few things do not add up.  Why he did not have a better escape plan? He left Marina his wedding ring and all of his cash, so clearly he knew he would not be coming home.  So why did he walk away from the School Book Depository?  Did he not have a plan beyond killing Kennedy?  Clearly he knew he was going to do that.  Maybe he thought he would be killed in the process.  Maybe there was an escape plan for him.  Maybe someone was to meet him and usurer him to safety, out of the country, likely to Cuba. We will likely never know.

In my opinion though, Oswald was the lone shooter, even if he wasn’t acting entirely alone.

The hours after the assassination were butchered by the secret service.  The President’s body should have received a full medical autopsy in Dallas.  Instead his body was illegally seized by the secret service, taken to Washington for an autopsy by Navy surgeons who were not qualified to complete the autopsy.  As soon as they looked at the body it was again taken away.  Their report was written without the body present and without all of the information they should had.  They did not have access to the limousine which had been ordered cleaned.  They did not even seen the bullet hole in President Kennedy’s neck.  They assumed it was a tracheotomy performed in Dallas, not the first gun shot which it was. I do not think this was all some giant cover up. I think this was all just a giant screw up.  I do not think anyone in the secret service was trying to cover up anything by removing the body.  I do not think Bobby Kennedy was trying to hide anything when he ordered President Kennedy be taken to Bethesda Naval Hospital.  He did so because Kennedy was a Navy veteran and he was familiar with the hospital. I think all of these things just gave fuel to the conspiracy theory.

It is hard to believe the a single gunman, in a window in Dallas could take down a President who had just out maneuvered Russia. It is hard to believe that a skinny, wiry guy like Oswald could kill the handsome leader of the free world.  I think people want things to be more complicated than they sometimes are.  Sometimes the questions are more complicated than the answers.

Many a myth have been created about the Kennedy Presidency.  Most American’s had not witness violence like they witnessed that day.  American’s were in shock.  American’s wanted to believe in the myth that was Camelot.  A myth that was created after Kennedy’s death by Jackie in a newspaper article.  People wanted to love their President. Kennedy won the election with less than 50% of the votes cast.  Yet in 1964 around 70% of Americans told Gallop they had voted for Kennedy. People wanted to believe some great evil force was behind it.

I think the facts show evil was behind it.. but in the form of Oswald as the lone gunman.


I’m surrounded by idiots.

Yeah, you read that right. I said I’m surrounded by idiots. Everywhere! In the grocery store, in the gym, at work, online. Everywhere!

I’m not saying you are ALL idiots. Just most of you! I’m sure you will all read this and think “he’s not talking about me”. Maybe you are right, maybe not.

What am I talking about? Everything! But I’m going to focus on politics for the moment.

Every time I log into Facebook here lately, which if you know me, that’s pretty much constantly. I always see people liking pictures or reposting political crap. Just straight up crap. And it’s driving me crazy.

NEWSFLASH: Ryan is not the devil. Nor is Obama. Neither one of them want to take Medicare away.  They both want to FIX the problem, they just disagree with how to best go about it. BOTH plans cut Medicare by more than $700Billion. Guess what. It needs to be cut!

Ryan is also not the savoir of the Republican Party. Conservatives act like he’s the best thing since Ronald Reagan. Well I guess they do have a few things in common. The only two Bills Ryan has passed in the Congress is a Bill to rename a post office and a Bill to raise taxes on bow & arrows.  So they both have renamed a post office (or have a post office named for them) and they have both raised taxes.

Ryan is also not the devil Democrats think he is. In fact he is married to a long time Democrat and he voted to outlaw job discrimination based on sexual orientation. Ryan’s budget? It also wasn’t a train wreck, in fact he was trying to do something the government needs to do, slow the spending. It is unfair for Democrats to attack his budget without proposing one. “Yeah your idea sucks! So let’s just keep borrowing from China so we can pay off the interest on the debt we owe to… oh, yeah, China.”

Obama isn’t a Muslim. He was born in the US. He is a patriotic American. If you do not believe any of those three things, you are one of those idiots I’m talking about.

Voter ID is not racist. You need a photo ID to do anything in this country; fly in a plane, drive a car, get medicine, go to a strip club, go out drinking at any club in the country, buy cigarettes, use a credit card, etc. Yeah there may be a few Republicans that think voter id will cause Obama to lose votes, guess what, THEY ARE IDIOTS TOO! How we made it this far without require voters to show ID I have no clue.  Here’s an idea, implement voter ID and allow us to early vote!

By November I’ll be down to just a handful of friends still visible on Facebook. I have started hiding you fringe people from my feed, left and right fringe. I do not mind a good debate, but spreading total falsehoods are not helping this country at all, in fact, that’s a huge part of the problem. You might not realize it but you are all buying in to exactly what they want you to buy in to. You are ignoring the real issues when you spread the stupid crap about Romney, Ryan, Obama, & Biden.

Democrats love this country, Republicans love this country, and believe it or not so do Independents. Start focusing on issues, start paying attention to voting records, start listening to actual facts. Don’t simply support Romney/Ryan or Obama/Biden because you belong to one party or the other. And in November do not simply vote straight ticket. That is stupid!

Okay, off my soapbox for the moment. Just do me a favor. Stop being so stupid!

Romney / Ryan 2012?

Paul Ryan… US House Member… from Wisconsin… a House Member that has went after President Obama at every chance and a someone who was clearly going after the VP spot or a shot at Speaker next term.  Can’t really say you didn’t see this coming.

Paul Ryan is a bad pick for Romney.  He will charge the base, but… they are called the base for a reason.. they were already going to vote for him!  Ryan will get Romney no extra votes… and considering he’s down significantly even in the FOX News poll.. Romney needs extra votes.

This is a win/win for Ryan.  If they win… he’s VP… if they don’t, he’s in the perfect position to run for Speaker of the House or President in 2016.  For Romney it means a fundraising boost and a boost in the polls.  Don’t let that get you too excited.  He could have named Donald Trump and received a fundraising and poll bump.  It’s too far out for polls to matter… A LOT can happen between now and November.

Now Obama has someone else to go after though… he can attack Ryan for being a career politician, even at his young age he’s been in politics for 20+ years.  He has no business career… and made a name for himself essentially trying to dismantle the government.  The Ryan budget made Democrats scream! Paul Ryan himself received social security when his dad died but tried to dismantle the program in his Budget.  He has a voting record he will try to run from too, which includes things such as voting AGAINST equal payment for women… AGAINST LGBT issues… AGAINST education… and the list goes on and on…

Here’s a quick run down of his ratings:

13% by ACLU
0% by HRC
36% by NAACP
14% by UFCW
30% by CURE
8% by NEA
0% by CAF
13% by HSLF
10% by LCV
11% by APHA
22% by SANE
10% by ARA
0% by CTJ …  here’s a hint…  the highest number on here is a 36% by the NAACP… a voting block Romney won’t get.

You might know what half of those acronyms mean… but the people that are part of those groups do.. and those are horrible numbers.

Here are some specifics:

Ryan voted AGAINST allowing gays to adopt in DC, NO on enforcing anti-gay hate crimes, and YES on banning same-sex marriage.  He is fiercely pro-life, against any government funding healthcare except his own, he is FOR privatizing social security, FOR school vouchers, AGAINST green energy, YES for building a border fence, NO on campaign finance reform, YES on the patriot act, YES on warrantless wiretaps, he voted FOR the war in Iraq, AGAINST a Libyan war, NO on ending the war in Afghanistan and YES on decreasing gun restrictions in the US.

All Ryan does is energize the base a bit on both sides.  Democrats can’t stand him and Republican’s love him… which… they hate Romney so that is a bit of a boost for him.  Either way, the Republican’s that think Romney is too liberal were never going to vote for Obama anyway..

My prediction…. It’s been 80 years since a House Member became Vice President… it will be at least 4 more… Ryan v. Clinton in 2016… maybe… but not until Obama serves 4 more years.

Where are you?

Do you live in the purple highlighted area above? If so, there is a very important election in your area next Tuesday, June 12th. The best candidate needs your support, both financial support as well as support at the polls! Lillian Flemming is locked in a tight race to become the next Senator representing the citizens of SC Senate 7!

A Greenville native, Lillian graduated from Sterling High School, graduated from Furman University with a bachelor’s and master’s of education and taught at Southside High School for 23 years. Elected to City Council in 1980, she has served as Mayor Pro Tem and is currently Vice-Mayor Pro Temp of Greenville City Council.

The list her accomplishments goes on and on… but I’m not supporting her because of any of that. I am supporting Lillian Flemming for Senate because I know she is the best candidate. Lillian is one of the nicest, most down to earth, honest and sincere people you will ever meet. When I stepped into Greenville politics, Lillian was one of the first elected officials to welcome me. In the years since, Lillian has always been someone I could ask questions of, share my opinions with, and go to with any concerns in the City. Everyone loves downtown Greenville and everyone loves just how beautiful Greenville has become; let’s thank Lillian for serving on City Council and making tough decisions that put Greenville where it is today.

Too often once people are elected they have a “better than you” attitude and become disconnected and out of touch with voters. Lillian has never been that way! Lillian always goes out of her way to say hey to everyone, listen to everyone’s opinion and make sure everyone gets fair and equal treatment.  You can pick up the phone now and call Lillian, and she will answer or call you back within a day.  That is just the type of public servant she is!

Join me in supporting Lillian Flemming for SC Senate 7 on Tuesday, June 12th. Beyond that, please consider making a contribution to Lillian online at As with most local races, just a small contribution can go along way – $10, $20 or whatever you can give – would be greatly appreciated.



Presidential Religion

To the corruptions of Christianity I am indeed opposed
-Thomas Jefferson 


Out of the 44 Presidents of the United States, 6 have had no denomination affiliation.  Seeing how the United States is NOT a theology I’m not sure why it matters.  It is no more fair for a Quaker to force his or her religion on a Congregationalist than it is for a Baptist to force his or her religion on a Catholic.  We vote for President, not Preacher. 

Either way.. I thought I would break it down for you…

4 Presidents have identified as Baptist, 2 as Congregationalist, 3 as Disciples of Christ, 2 as Dutch Reformed, 12 as Episcopalian, 4 as Methodist, 8 as Presbyterian, 2 as Quaker, 1 as Catholic, 4 as Unitarian and 1 as Church of Christ.  Those numbers do not add up to 44; some identified as two religions or changed… and 6 have no denomination affiliation.  

Thomas Jefferson had no denomination, nor did Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Ulysses S Grant of Rutherford B Hayes.  I doubt anyone would say these five men were bad Presidents.  In fact, there would never had been a United States of America without Jefferson and there wouldn’t be a United States of America today if it were not for Lincoln.  The sixth President with no denomination listed?  Barack Obama. 

I’m not going to argue about whether President Obama is or isn’t a Christian.  A) It shouldn’t matter.  B) How do you prove that!?  He says he is, and according to the Bible I grew up reading, it’s not my place to judge.. and unless you are God, it’s not your place either.  Last I checked, neither Franklin Graham, Rick Santorum, or Newt Gingrich were God.  

Greenville County Democratic Party Chairman

Earlier this week, the Greenville County Democratic Party Chairman resigned which opens the position and means the Executive Committee will be appointing a Chairman to fill the remainder of the term.

As soon as the announcement was made I was approached about running to be the next Chairman. Over the last two days I have spoken with several party leaders to get a feel for who they are supporting and what they would think about me running.  I have been pleasantly surprised all of the support I have already received.  I already have some great supporters should I run… including a former Chairman and current party officers.

This is not a decision I make lightly.  Running the Democratic Party in Greenville is no easy task.  Democrats are the minority in Greenville, yet with a lot of work and rubber on the pavement we can win races.  In 2009, we won a Greenville At-Large City Council Seat as well as a Greenville Water Commission seat for the first time in years.  Those same results can happen in other parts of the county be require a change in direction.

The local party has been slow to adopt social media, email, and an interactive, up-to-date website.  During the time I was Co-Chair of the Young Democrats we had a twitter account and are still acquiring followers, though I’ve not been Co-Chair for over a year and the account is rarely updated (I’m still the only person who ever updates the account).  We need to engage younger voters where they are.. online… on twitter.. on facebook… at downtown alive… at the handlebar…

The local party also has also been lacking in candidate recruitment.  The majority of races in the Greenville area are settled in the Republican Primary because there is no Democratic opposition.  Yet, there are always Democratic Primaries because our candidates choose to run against other Democrats in “safe seats” as opposed to facing a Republican opponent. I would like to see us set a goal of having a Democrat on the ballot for the majority of races in 2012 and every race in the near future.

The fact that you’re reading this blog tells me I have the ability to communicate to Democrats and Republicans alike… when FOX News and The Greenville News were looking for a Democrat to interview Thursday in reference to the GOP Debate here in Greenville, they called me.  I have the ability to get in front of voters and hopefully help them see that all Democrats are not evil, just as all Republicans are not evil.  At the same time ask voters the question… “what has 30 years of Republican leadership given us?”.  We are ranked last in all of the wrong things!  If you want a change in Columbia.. vote for the Democrats running in your district!

I plan to make my decision in the next several hours… and will of course let you know…  What do you think???  Should I run??? Why or why not?